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Hi, my name's Connie, and I'm just your friendly neighborhood SAO freak. I also happen to be completely obsessed with Kirito, in case that wasn't obvious. He's my favorite character of all time, and therefore I've made it my mission in life to collect all of his merchandise... apparently. I was originally only going to get the figma and like a few prize figures, but somehow I ended up with all of this. Hahaha. *cough*

I've kind of taken it upon myself to add SAO items to the database when I can, mostly to keep track of my wildly out of control Kirito collection, but also because I noticed there's quite a lot of stuff missing in general. I've come across so much obscure merchandise in my searches, which I never would have known existed otherwise, so I figured I may as well share that knowledge and help to keep the database updated~

Anyway, if you like Sword Art Online, feel free to message or friend me, because I would love to have more people to talk to about it! As for my other interests, I'm currently really into light novels, as well as anime and games, to an extent. Some of my most favorite series are Tales of, Ace Attorney, Code Geass, Cardcaptor Sakura and Konosuba. Especially Tales, which used to be my main collecting focus before SAO took over.

Sword Art Online, Code Geass, Cardcaptor Sakura, Konosuba, Fullmetal Alchemist, Durarara, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh
(LNs) Sword Art Online, Accel World, A Certain Magical Index, The Devil is a Part-Timer, Konosuba, The Isolator, Durarara, Spice and Wolf (Manga) Death Note, Bakuman, Attack on Titan, Naruto, Bleach
Tales of, Ace Attorney, Persona, Dangan Ronpa, Resident Evil, Pokemon, Megaman Battle Network


shikani (1 anno/i fa) #24626858It is worth it, as long as we don't ever lose interest in our husbando/waifu. ;) I've been into SAO for three years now, which is the longest I've ever been obsessed with any one series, and I haven't lost any passion for it at all... but I can't even imagine the immense buyer's remorse I would feel if I ever did move on to something else and no longer care about it. Good lord, money aside, what would I even do with all this junk? lol
Yep, guys are definitely SAO's target audience, so I feel like there are a whole lot less girls in the fandom in general. Probably not enough hot guys to fangirl over and ship, haha. I have a feeling that might change when Alicization gets animated though, because Kirito's partner for the entire next season is going to be a guy, and they end up having a really close relationship. I'll honestly be surprised if fangirls don't come flooding in tbh.
As for how much money I'll end up spending on Kirito... I don't even want to think about that. Look at the immense amount of merchandise that has come from Ordinal Scale, a two hour movie! Alicization is going to be even worse, and then Kawahara is planning one more arc after that, and if Progressive ever gets animated... There's no escape for me, I'll be buying random Kirito junk for years to come.

That would suck so much if a collector lost their interest after spending so much money, space and effort for years...I think the buyer might even have a hard time selling their collection by that time too. Selling would also be such a pain if the collector has a huge collection...Especially if nobody else wants those stuff too. ; I'm glad I try to keep my collection small all the time now. :o

I heard about Kirito's male partner, I am so excited to see the chemistry between them. But I am actually afraid that a bunch of fujoshi's might pop up for SAO when that happens. LOL I ship the canon ship - Kirito and Asuna together so much, and I'm more into Bromance/Friendship than Romance between males. I mean, I respect what others ship...And I'm in no means against BL shippings...But since SAO has been Kirito x Asuna since Season 1, it just feels uncomfortable for me to see tons of NEW SAO fans starting to ship Kirito with another person other than Asuna in Season 3. D: Season 2 created a bunch of Sinon x Kirito shippers, so that's why I'm predicting that the same might happen for Season 3. But it'd be nice to get some more fangirls in SAO! I just don't want too many hardcore BL shippers...Because I ship Kirito with Asuna. ><;

Kirito is super popular...Mad props to you for keeping up to collect for him. I remember when I tried to start a Levi(from Attack on Titan) collection, I immediately gave up when I tried bidding a mini-figure of him that ended up costing $100(won by another Japanese fan). All of his other stuff was 5x the price of the other characters in the series too...Just nope, I don't think it's worth...That's when I decided that I'll just stick to collecting for only my waifu. ^_^;;; Your Kirito collection will really become an actual Kirito shrine by then~! lol
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shikani (1 anno/i fa) #24598432Well, I hope that item shows up for cheaper so that you don't have to pay the 3k! I'm not sure if I could even justify spending that much for a Kirito item, it was already hard enough to justify the Dollfie... In fact, I've probably spent at least 5k on him in total, and when I think about that sometimes I wonder what I'm doing with my life lol
I actually think that he has way more fanboys than fangirls. Like, I know he has fangirls in Japan, but in the English-speaking side of the fandom I haven't encountered many other than myself... It seems like people over here either think he's super badass and cool (fanboys) or that he's the Worst Character of All Time Ever. I don't know if I've just been looking in all the wrong places or what, but I honestly haven't seen many who actually care about him enough to fangirl him...

Yeah...I am going to need to sacrifice a lot of what I have or what I want, just to save up for that 1 item of my waifu. LOL I can only justify our actions as true dedication and love towards our fave characters as we spend so much money on them. ^^; I also question my life decisions from time to time when I think about the money I spent on her, but I eventually shrug it off as a small percentage of me does think she's worth it...><; I really wonder how much you're going to end up spending on Kirito altogether in years to come because he definitely has more stuff coming out in the future. :o

Ah! I actually think so too, that Kirito has way more fanboys than fangirls! Seriously, 95% of the people at the Ordinal Scale theater were fanboys! I'm pretty sure they can't be all just here to only see the plot or for the female characters...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I found most good comments about Kirito are from males too(though arguably the target audience of SAO is directed to males anyways(with the slight harem/fan-service). And yeah, of course there's the ones who think Kirito is a bad character are there too...But in the end, there are tons of Kirito fanboys in the English-speaking side of the fandom for sure. I think Japan may have a fair share of both gender's fans of Kirito, because yeah, I know for sure that Kirito has many fangirls in Japan too. But I also haven't really found girls who like Kirito enough to fangirl on him around here(English-speaking side) as well, so I think exactly how you're thinking. It's highly possible that Kirito actually has more fanboys altogether than fangirls, it's no doubt about it in my opinion. Funny enough, like a year or two ago, I've actually read a comment from a guy who was pissed off that Kirito was like #1 for one of the Japan's best male anime character poll. And he said something like: "I bet it's all you girls who like(voted for) Kirito, he's the worst character in SAO." My immediate reaction and thought was like: "Nope...I actually think it's mostly you boys who voted for Kirito." LOL Because at the back of my mind, I didn't know any other girl who really fangirled on Kirito as well!
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shikani (1 anno/i fa) #24574559Haha, you definitely have me beat there! I thought that $750 for the Kirito Dollfie was a lot, but wow, 3k is just completely ridiculous. Also didn't think about how hard it is to even find items for sale for older and less popular characters, that's definitely a downside... Some of Kirito's items have taken a while to show up, but my problem with him is that his items usually cost double, triple, even quadruple the price of the other SAO characters on the aftermarket. Like, for example, there's an event going on right now at Animate Cafe with acrylic stands? I've seen all the girls for around 1k, but every time Kirito shows up, he goes for 4k... You would think that the main girls would be the most popular because waifu, but nope, apparently everyone in Japan is crazy about Kirito lol

Oh yes! There's definitely downsides and upsides for both of us, even though our fave characters are pretty opposite. Though I still kinda' wish that my waifu could get more official goods made, so I could start an ita-bag or something...But nope, she's too out-dated and underrated. ;_; The rarity of her items popping up and the outrageous prices when they do pop up, helps me limit to buy her stuff...But I really do want to collect her stuff, so I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. I am actually going to save up for that 3k item. ><;

I'm not surprised with Kirito's popularity...When I watched Ordinal Scale at my local theater. Literally, I heard a guy screaming: "Kirito-senpai!" before the movie even started. I think he's surprisingly really popular with the fanboys too, not just fangirls. xD Pretty sure many love him more than all the waifus, but wouldn't dare to admit it! LOL And I've also seen the Japan fans voting for Kirito as best anime character of all-time many times. Kirito always manages to get a high rank on the polls! Japan really loves Kirito indeed. I guess you're going to have to fight against a lot of Kirito fans to get some of his goods...x'D
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shikani (1 anno/i fa) #24554572No problem, and thanks! ^^ I started out thinking "I'm only going to buy a few figures and a plushie or something" but then it spiraled out of control and I started buying pretty much everything lol. Your waifu is from Air, I see? At least she doesn't have as much merchandise as Kirito, so your wallet isn't in as much danger as mine has been...

Yeah, I'm glad my fave character isn't extremely popular or is currently still active anymore. Kirito is a classic character and I think his popularity won't ever really drop...LOL But it's actually super hard to find my waifu's stuff now, since she's so old & when I do, it's for a ridiculously high price. My grail item of her is this: page.auctions.y... It would cost me like 3k! I can't even afford most of her other merchandise(or even find anyone selling her stuff)...I wish I started collecting a decade ago when the anime came out(but I also would be too young to be able to buy things)...The item would of costed me $30, but now it costs me 100x the price. It's limited to 500 people worldwide, but I still think 3k for 1 item is still crazy...x_X Embrace the items you want of Kirito really badly right now or you might end up like me one day in the future. ;-;
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Thanks for accepting my FR! I love your Kirito collection~ I am a fan of Sword Art Online too. And I totally understand the obsession with a favourite character of all-time, LOL. I told myself to only buy 1 thing of each character I liked, but I honestly want to own everything of my waifu's. *___*
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Happy birthday!! :D
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DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Your collection is amazing! And I'm very jealous of your ToD copy lol.
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I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
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shikani (6 anno/i fa) #1425405Thank you very much! ...And I just realized that yours was yesterday, so happy (belated) birthday to you as well! ^^ Kind of cool that our birthdays are so close to each other, haha.

Thank you very much! :D Yeah, kinda funny how that worked out.
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