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These users/people have difficulties honoring debts, joy-PO-takers, at least fickle and would leave you hanging without the courtesy of replying, and/or will most likely waste your precious precious time (or they did to me at least):

I advise requesting upfront payment when they commission (or buy) anything from you and no overly long 'reservation time'. Otherwise you run the risk of them very possibly backing out at the last possible moment. >:\

- andyjaejunkwak
- Misael
- Butcher
- ronkam
- fenglin
- Blake
- Venum559 from Canada (honorable mention!)
- errancy
- nqtspinner
- Myru
- zxysoul99
- couny

*** Do what you will with this ever growing list; nobody's forbidding you with interacting with them. I'm just throwing in this heads up for everyone else. ***


Amazing communication and just a fantastic seller in general. We worked out a deal and they were super patient and true to their word. 10/10 would do business again!
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Excellent Seller, great communication with fast responses. Lovely figure and couldn't be happier! (:
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Sent you a PM about GSC Michiru!
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Happy Birthday!! Godbless!!!
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Happy Birthday!
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ITEM #61423
Yeah, I'm sorry but for what the figure retailed for (let alone what I actually paid for it), I feel cheated.
Sad since I'm a Fan of Freezing and would love for the her and the rest of the cast to get decent figures. Obviously this is just IMHO
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FYI. I just PM you about Fate/Grand Order - Saber - 1/7 - Deluxe Edition. Thanks.
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Your inbox is full and I can't send my paypal info.
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Very great seller.
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Sorry, right now she's out of stock. but if she pops up again I'll ket you know ^^
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PVC anime figure store.


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