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Hello! I'm Parker. I'm a defense contractor, baseball player/coach, and a member of the US Army Field Artillery. I'm patriotic, but I also love experiencing other cultures, and meeting people from all over the world. I've been involved with baseball since I was four years old, and I hope to continue to be for the rest of my life. I haven't been involved with military service for quite that many years, but I hope to make a long career of that as well. Baseball and military life have taken me to many places, and I am grateful for that. It has been fantastic seeing what other nations have to offer, and getting to know people from different places. I am excited to see where my life takes me in the upcoming years.

I'm 6'1'' and 190-198 pounds. I like most sports, including baseball (obviously), hockey, golf, auto racing, volleyball, etc. I love playing golf and volleyball, but I'm not very good at either of them.

I have a few hobbies other than figure collecting; I collect militaria, and I collect and shoot historic military firearms; I'm also a huge fan of military history. Other hobbies include bass guitar, light novels and manga, and a few other things. I love to cook, and I also enjoy making cocktails and such for myself and guests. Coffee and tea are also passions of mine.

I enjoy good company, and making lasting friendships. Don't be afraid to contact me, for any reason! :)

Strike Witches, Violet Evergarden, Gunslinger Girl, Darling in the FRANXX, Kantai Collection, High School Fleet, Frame Arms Girl, Harukana Receive, Taisho Baseball Girls, etc.
Book Girl, Kieli & Strawberry Panic
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Online Mahjong
Punti MOE
Bows/ribbons, tsundere, small chest, quiet and sweet.
U2, most other classic rock, some hard rock, etc.
Macchina fotografica
Phone & Nikon something or other
Old laptop



Thanks friend long time no talk! (Hugs)
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Yeah she has to file a lot more paperwork and a lot more regularly. :I I mean, she passes every time of course, but it's bothersome and includes a lot of government office visits and lots and lots of waiting time. All stuff she didn't have to do before.

My husband works in a specific niche where he is pretty wanted, but his 'problem' is that most companies close to us all mean he has to take a step down in position and/or pay as he has hit close to the top of what is achievable here. So for him to learn more in his field the best would be to move to the USA and some European countries in the North and East are a bit better. Worst case scenario he can 'settle' for something closer to home, but of course he rather not. I also wish the best for him in his career and personal development. :) Thanks for the good luck wishes! I'm sure it will be fine in the end! :)

Wait, huh?! I'm 100% confused now. We talked before about Europe right? Or was it an exchange for a while and that you went somewhere to Europe for a couple of years? I would swear we talked before about some places in Northern Europe even while you lived there (temporarily)?! I'm so confused right now...do I have someone in my friends list that is similar to you in name/interests?! X_X Don't tell me I'm crazy!

Hehe, people tell me that about California, New York and Florida. That those three places are so 'different' from the actual USA. :) Funnily enough I have been at 2 of those 3 places (New York and Florida), but I am still planning on experiencing the 'real' USA. I have many places still listed to visit. Not sure if I can manage in a lifetime. ;)

Same for me, even if it was just a parttime job, I can't think of not working at all, would make me feel quite useless you know? X_X And I still have so much things I want to do in life, like travelling! Even if I only contribute a small part to our family budget it's at least something that can help with travel budget or paying off our mortgage.

I do have to say, I earlier also have worked jobs I was 'meh' about and while I did not dislike the jobs, I would still casually browse job websites and get mailings for jobs more related to my field of studies. I would reply on average to only one or maybe two job listings a month though, I would only go for jobs that are 'better' than what I was currently doing. No need for switching unless you find a dream job.

Well, Hikari's review I uploaded yesterday: BLOG #42671 ! :) Enjoy! I'm curious if you share similar opinions to mine or have some things really different. I don't own Heidemarie, so it's up to you to compare them. :)

Ah, are you sure that the posts that were appealed are now visible to *all* your followes and not only some? But if they are older posts I guess it's less worrisome than having new content not showing up at all. :P Anyway, I don't think Tumblr is going to change, so I'm not expecting other people that have left to come back. Unfortunately I can't really find a good alternative for Tumblr. Some people say go to Twitter, but I really dislike using that. There was also this Pillowfort thing people were praising, but turns out that every account is paid there!

It really depends here, if you live in a big city you probably have a job within that city or close to it, so your commute is 30 mins at best. If you live somewhere smaller, it's for most people 30-60 mins. A job I'm currrently getting interviewed for is a 60 minute train drive, with 20 mins walk from my home to the train station and 10 minutes walk there to the office. So I need to leave home at least 90 mins before work would start. Which sounds like a LOT, but the thing why I like public transport more than using a car, is that I can use 60 of those 90 minutes to read a book or play a game while in the train. So I can have some fun there with time I won't have at home. :) I have so much unread books at home, so I really want to pick that up if I end up getting that job. Makes me wish public transport to everything was better, only about 10% of the jobs I apply on are easy to reach by public transport. I assume that number is even lower in the USA?

Here we have a long winter, mid-sized autumn and summer and spring are almost non-existent. xD We had some sun 2 weeks ago, but are now getting rewarded with nonstop rain since then with a prediction for at least one week more all this rain to continue. :P Maybe it would indeed get a bit boring if you live in the same climate all the time, same if you would live in a place where it's always cold. I used to have a coworker that came from Canada and she always had crazy stories about the cold and snow there all the time!
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A good friend of mine moved to the USA about 7-8 years ago and since Trump was elected she told me she has a lot more trouble with her Green Card checks. :( So I knew some things were going on, but until my husband was trying to get an job himself in the USA we did not notice how REALLY bad it was. My husbands work experience is at medior level and most USA companies don't want to go through the whole work VISA investment unless you are super senior and/or have irreplacable skills. Maybe we'll try again in another 5-10 years, but for now we're staying within Europe. Maybe another country in Europe, though. ;)

Ah yes, because in Japan if something is an L/XL/XXL, they still assume the person is short. I'm 'lucky' for being short then, all clothes I bought from Japan were fitting well on me, although some were a bit tight-fitting at ribcage or hips, because...again, they don't expect big ribcages or wide hips there. :P

Nice! I'm sure you will share some pictures of the gun once you have it. :) By the way, gun-related question, as where I live guns are illegal, so it's always a bit wild for me to see that people just casually buy them and all. You are originally also from Europe and I assume from an area where you also couldn't (freely) own something like that? Over here they are even though on replica-guns on sizes smaller than 1/1. I have some collectibles I want that include fake weaponry, but I'm sure I can't ever get them in my collection. :( Well, unless I move to the land of the free and the specifically in an area where guns are OK, because I read about a few states also not allowing (replica) guns, like California.

Ah...quite a lot of cosplayers over here are similar. They have a boyfriend/husband with a good job and they spend most of their days working on their hobbies. Can't say I'm not a bit envious of course, as we always need a two-person-income to pay our bills with the economy of our country. And thanks! I hope I'll land something soon. Worst case scenario, if I don't have anything new yet in my last 2 weeks before my current job ends, I'll just go to a local company call center/customer service as they hire almost everyone (and I also did it before in the past), so I'll have at least an income (although it's not really high) while looking for something better.

I was very lucky that with Hikari, someone I know on this site was willing to let go of hers for a good price. I agree that she is definitely not worth her full release price. You'll be able to read my review about her soon, but let's say if the best Strike Witches from Alter are a 100%, then Hikari is a 115-120% quality. So she's definitely a bit better, but I'm not so wow-ed away by her that I would recommend anyone to pay about double the price for her as the other Witches sell for...

I did indeed got in contact with Tumblr and they said that when I notice it, I need to inform them which specific post it is, to which I replied all. :P Then I send them a few examples of which they say they 'fixed' it, but my friends still could not see it. I think it also has something to do with their crazy strict porn-filter which works by automated machine. So yeah, I gave up with their customer support...I should not have to go through so much effort to just be able to share my content on a website. :/

Well, it used to be normal. Our government, in an effort to try and fix the economy, have a pretty good deal where if you put someone's wage a bit lower and fill it up by travel costs covered, it's cheaper for both the company and the employee (sort of like tax discount for both). But nowadays less and less companies are willing to do that, so it's a bit of an headache whenever a company asks me what I want to earn, because I have to be 100% sure which location(s) they want me to work from and how much days it exactly is a month, to be able to budget it well. To give an example, the last company I applied for a job to, includes quite a bit of travel, which will vary each month, but will average on $600 a month. That is a huge amount of after-tax money extra I should ask to still be able to make a bit of a decent living. >.< I guess it's also a bit different in the USA, because your gas is so cheap?

Ahh nooo, I have lived all my life in a country with nothing but rain, I'm happy when we have our yearly heatwave. xD If it wasn't for work and other necessities in life, I would be living in a tropical place somewhere! :D
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No problem, I'll just check back and hope I don't say anything double or missed out on something, haha!

Tons of things happened, but shortly said: Getting an USA-VISA as an European with the whole Trump-situation going on right now, makes it near impossible. You might get an employer that can temporarily help you to one, but it involves a lot of time, money and paperwork for both sides. So it's not really worth it for companies to do that for you unless you have some irreplacable skill. It's still quite uncertain with the possibly of getting send back after 1-2 years even if you do your job well. :( So we gave up for any jobs in the USA and currently my husband is working on multiple applications within Europe, a few interesting countries and companies have come up, but it's uncertain what it will be yet~

I actually bought quite a lot of clothes from Japan in the meantime, but most of it is in 'one size fits most' or a male M, while I am a female XS/S here. People in Japan are tiny!

I forgot where we went earlier in this conversation, but I guess your best bet would be finding a sealed set from her officially licensed Cospa outfit! Are you also getting something engraved in the gun?

Hrmm, but she has money to travel to Japan?! I wonder how some people do it financially, haha! Speaking about that, unfortunately I am looking for a new job as well as the company I'm working for is closing down and I need something new starting June. Have been quite busy with applications since I heard the news and only recently the interviews/phone calls/etc. started coming along a bit because most jobs I'm interested in have very slow hiring processes (lots of them are international companies as well).

Yeah I still want to get a (local) release of Brave Witches as well to complete the collection and support the makers. Did we talk already about that I recently got ITEM #520672 ? Her quality is super nice, but I actually expected a bit more when you compare her to the older Strike Witches releases by Alter. And yeah the new gag mini show of Strike Witches, I've heard some bad things about it. I did not start watching it yet. I think I will do so later when the episodes are (almost) finished and watch it in one go.

Well, my issue with Tumblr is that it hides my posts and I'm also there because I want to share my own things. I recently posted a selfie there again as a test and asked some of my followers if they could see it and like 25% could see it, 75% not. :/ So I'm partially banned/hidden by Tumblr for some reason and I really see no reason to keep on posting to a website where barely people will see my content if I can also spend my time on posting on sites where I know a lot more people will see. Anyway, if Tumblr gets their shit together and my visibility comes to 100% again I might return.

With the jobs I'm applying to, most of them are in the two biggest cities close to me, which means I might also get close to such an amount of travel a day if any of those places hire me! I'm not looking forward to so much driving, but if I get a better job for it than settling for something locally, I'll do it.

It has been raining very hard all day here, but I'm a bit sad about it as we had one of our biggest national Holidays today (the Kings birthday), but pretty much everything got cancelled because of the weather. :(
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
So another try haha:

Yeah your room is nice, its a typical army loving guys room ^^ as for my displays being shown, i think i already send it right? Tbh im not too satisfied with how things are displayed but eventually we buy a new house anyways :)
We already got lots of info on how the mortgage works and the costs etc

Yeah i dont have as much time as i used to have too or im simply too tired. I guess we should make 2 messages perhaps so we can reply easier?
But with the new mfc system it might be annoying

Ohh thats good. Well tbh its easy to start rlly.. with model kits you just pick easy ones first and inexpensive set so that if you mess up its fine.
With garage kits i wait tho, i need to look into it more before i start plus i got too many hobbies already xD i still got jigsaws, diamond paintings, mangas etc :p

Yeah those are indeed nice colors i had a mustard type of yellow inmy old place combined with grey and a bit of brown.

My bf however has grey,brown and white mainly but its ok cause thres so much stuff now that i shouldnt paint too much plus we plan to leave so its not worth it for now. I can paint in the new place we buy :) we now rent.

Same here my parents are divorced too but i still keep in touch. However my mom and my sister dont go well with my dad no more for personal reasons i cant tell on mfc.
Anyways my dad still cones around and my next bday i plan to invite all for the first time as i feel sad inviting my dad seperatly.
I live close to my parents but not as close as i used to be cause both moved. Tho within 30 min so its ok.
So what did your dad say? And my parents have been cool with my hobby but my mom is honest too and said some are too underaged for her and nude and she doesnt approve but she lets me keep it tho she always did. I like that about her cause it made me think things over and realise she might be right so i hid tae more for example :) i got her gifted tho didnt buy her myself and feels wrong to sell. Plus its tough to sell too cause shes an 18+ item and underaged.

Yeah im with you there.. i do see some friends from time to time and i got 3 good friends which is good enough for me. Tho i dont see em that often we organise to go out for dinner now and then or meet at cons.
But many come and go..

Yeah its better this way :) im way more energetic and happy. I only miss my plants a bit XD but cant be helped. I started anew and im working on a kitchen garden with lettuce,cherry tomatoes , cucumber etc :D and in front yard i blught cheap plants who prob last a year and got some for free :D looks great now

Ohh wow thats neat! Nice thoughtful present hope she will like it too?

Have you made a decision yet about what to preorder and what not?

And i bought the switch the pokemon version, im still glad i decided on getting it
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Ah that's neat! Funny you mention the PPK, I should be getting one myself this week! I always wanted to get one and since Minna's birthday is coming up, this time is as good as any.

That's super cool, congrats! I think I once mentioned being declared unfit for service and that the worst part about that was being a disappointment to the witches. Well, I might be a POG now but that's better than nothing. Minna could always use a scribe I bet... :D

Mind telling me what rank you got so far?
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Hello and thank you very much!
It‘s been quite a rough year for me and when I got the notification I actually felt quite guilty for not getting back to you last time! I can only say I appreciate your wishes a lot, really shows how you care about people. I‘m a lot better these days and should probably update my profile since I got quite a bunch of new stuff. One thing that has been consistent is my love for Minna! :D
How are you doing? Still serving?
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Hi!! Yes, it seems so ahahah
Thank you so much :D
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Greatvi almost finished my reply and then it refreshed sigh..

So i send my reply once im home i guess stupid phone
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spasepeepole026 (3 mese/i fa) #49468561Good to hear :) How were you holidays?
I am well too; thank you!

I visited my parents as I usually do and had a good time. We went somewhere nice to eat goose for Christmas.
How about yours?
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