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Hi, I'm tundras! I started collecting in 2013.
Vocaloid and Animal Crossing are my main interests.

My collection is strictly limited to things I absolutely adore.
Anything else is not worth keeping.

Personal Preferences ✨
I collect based on design. As a result, my choices generally depend on the following points:

Holy Grail Wish ListHoly Grail Wish Listhttps://images2.imgbox.com/3e/77/Heeidx1U_o.png

"Toeto" Oversized Can Badge Shinseido Limited Original Benefit
(「トエト」 特大缶バッジ 新星堂 限定オリジナル特典)
  • Torabotic Symphony (トラボティック・シンフォニー)
  • June 5, 2013
  • Store-exclusive bonus
  • Last seen: Blog

WEGO/DIY Nylon Square Rucksack
(WEGO/DIY ナイロン スクエア リュック)

Louis Vuitton × THE END Hatsune Miku Damier Ribbon
(ルイ・ヴィトン × THE END 初音ミク ダミエリボン)
  • Vocaloid Opera "THE END" (ボーカロイド・オペラ「THE END」)
  • Keiichiro Shibuya (渋谷慶一郎)
  • May 2013
  • Checkerboard pattern
  • Exclusive gift
  • Last seen: TwitterBlogBlog

Magical Mirai Limited Glass Plates
(マジカルミライ 限定のガラスプレート)
  • Putit Mimore (プチミモレ)
  • MM 2019 Osaka & Tokyo Light Up Candle Workshops (マジカルミライ 2019 大阪 & 東京 ライトアップキャンドル ワークショップ)
  • August 9 - August 11, 2019; August 30 - September 1, 2019
  • ¥2000 entry fee
  • Additional fees depend on parts chosen
  • Last seen: TwitterTwitterTwitterTwitter

Please drop a link if you happen to see any of these somewhere, whether sold out or not. Any sort of help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hello! No worries about that, private life comes first. I have been unexpectedly a lot busier because eBay suddenly gave me a lot of free listings...which is a good thing, but I had a huge time constraint to make it work LOL. Right now my household is a mess because I ignored it for a while because of it, oops...haha!

Anyway, good luck with trying to fix your sleep schedule! Only advice I can really give is what works for me and that is to have a lot of alarms for yourself and 'time' your sleep.

Yeah my damages were never enough to actually formally leave a complaint. The only time I ever complained was actually when something was super badly packed, and then it was more that I wanted to give feedback to the seller than being mad about the bit of box damage on the figure.

I have seen pictures on here of people getting 100% soaked figure boxes. That's why myself I at least always put bubble wrap and/or plastic packaging on everything I ship out, can't trust only the outer cardboard box enough...

Shipping rules are now super complicated for me and I really first need to find the best box to ship anything in before I put things up for sale. And even then if someone asks for combined shipping the whole thing starts over again. ^^'' Everything by weight is a lot easier...but indeed like you said doujin and artbook collectors must think this is great. ;)

You know, I was actually shocked when I checked out the mobile version from eBay a couple of days ago and saw that the description is super hidden when you use the mobile version!!! Only on the computer can you properly see all text. So yeah I hope people properly read descriptions as I have now also put up damaged and opened items... :I

But anyway, still a thank you for the feedback! I'll keep on asking others as well and over time it will be ~perfect~ :)

That earlier example I showed you of that Ink figure with the big base, I actually have trouble displaying her now because she takes up 25% of the flat surface of a Detolf shelf and my Moetan collection is quite huge. I would like some special attention/spot for her, but that would mean dedicating an extra shelf to my Moetan collectibles, though choices!

But yeah big simple bases are the worst, I especially have prize figures with big round space wasters. My most horrible ones are probably the 4 Lucky Star ones here PICTURE #2153365 . I am now also working on a new type of set-up for them so they need their bases even less and/or I 'hide' their bases with other figures.

That figure is supposed to be 'breaking the 4th wall' in the same way as that Deadpool figure you linked. :/ It's made by the same people so it's surprising how their first one worked so well and this one doesn't...

I have no clue what their sales numbers are, but it still seems to be going quite well for the line! There have not been new announcements lately, but they are completing the prototypes of the ones they have been announcing in the last year~

Hehe, so you used to be into designer toys? I used to have a couple in the past. I always thought they were cool, but most of them way too expensive for what you get (imo). There are some more affordable lines from Japan though, but it depends what you are into. I always thought Be@rbrick ENTRY #24953 was quite funny and pretty well priced for what you get.

Ah yes, I remember that blog! But it's a very niche dream as it's way too expensive for mass produced pieces probably! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for how that bust will turn out, though!

I think you mean diorama? :D Or more like a diorama that is directly part of the figure? I got a couple of cool ones like that! My favorites are these sets: entry/25820&nbs... ENTRY #25822 + ENTRY #25821 and a recent acquirement I also think is super neat: ITEM #26187 (the longer you look, the more you see!)

Gloss, it depends. It can come off as cheap, but done well it can be like spandex or latex. :) I got a couple of nice examples: This swimsuit PICTURE #931353 , this latex ribbon PICTURE #2176584 . I also tried to make a 'wet' effect once on a GK I painted myself PICTURE #2054108 . That is also pretty rare to see done on prepainted figures. I only remember seeing it once BLOG #42432 .

What is your favorite duo figure? I still want to pick up ITEM #315078 one day. :)

Now I have to admit that I am not the greatest at action figure posing either... :') But I try to do my best to do something interesting with the accessories the figures come with~

Oooh! like that! I have seen that before! That looks neat, I have seen similar effects with GK's with separate eyes before, can't remember them right now so I don't have links. But I earlier thought you might mean something like ITEM #132503 , which is probably creepy on a smaller figure. xD

Oh, I remember that Miku kit! She was quite the hype back then! That reminds me of ITEM #869031 which might not look that 'wow' at first, but from up close she has sooooo many details. Hard for mass production as well.
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Yeah and right now even when it's slow, you can also just blame the corona-situation when it's EXTRA slow... ^^'' I'm always very careful with packing (both packages and just the small envelopes with items) and never had something arrive damaged to someone. However, the other way around, I have received a lot of damaged items myself. Most regularly there would be a dent in the side of the shipping box, taking the figure their box also with them. I always feel like it is because of rough handling in sorting centers and by sorting machines, that it just got a huge slam/throw against one of the more 'brittle' parts of the shipping box. I did however once get a dripping wet package and I was so thankful for the store that they used bubblewrap as the plastic of it protected most of the figure's box...

Not sure about you, but I always feel that cost by weight is more fair. Although I can understand shipping companies getting annoyed if things get shipped that could have been a small packages, but instead have 90% filling material. :P

Ugh, posters/wallscrolls are always bad, good luck! Whenever I have one of those items I always go for sea/surface mail. ^^''

Huh, do people like reading it with those bigger letters? To me it looks a bit more messy, but hey, I am not an expert, so I'll put your changes in there and see if it helps with selling! :) Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah I'm lucky that most of my interests are in older series and franchises, so a lot of my collectibles and figures I want can be found for 'cheaper' prices. :) Although I still sometimes have some bad buys, but that is rather that the item itself is disappointing (because it's hard to find any information about it online), than the price being too high.

I'm always the person myself who wants big and detailed bases, but it's neat that there is an option for the people more limited in display space. :)

And yeah that is a cool figure!! I love how 2D/3D it looks! I recently saw that ITEM #1008381 is now on pre-order and I was surprised how it tries the same effect, but...does not nail it. You would think that after that first Deadpool they would know what to do?! >.< But now that we are speaking about Western origin figures...I love love love the horror bishoujo line ENTRY #105896 ! I'm only buying the ones where I'm really connected to the movie, which is so far 1/3 of the line and a lot I'm still contemplating about picking up as well...haha!

I'm never really excited about LEDs or other light types in figures because it's this kind of gimmick you turn on every now and then and forget about it. I rather have something that is permanently in the figure. But to answer your question about what I do like, there is a bunch...haha!
'Painting' colors (like the painting you hang on your walls)  = ITEM #320475 is so beautiful and unique, I am really hoping for ITEM #806156 to be in her original VN style steamuserimages... would be siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick
Extremely pastel colors = It just looks so cute and dreamy~ Some examples: ITEM #3011 + ITEM #56238
Harsh 'retro' colors = ITEM #5888 + ITEM #5893
Transparent parts with bright colors = ITEM #61401 her blue staff, red necklace and blue/red potion bottles + ITEM #72239 all the green gems at his outfit
Directly interacting with or directly relevant bases = ITEM #129518  + PICTURE #2134789 and PICTURE #1596176 stand on their playing grids in the game (and the last one also has amazing transparency effects at her eyes!)  + ITEM #600025 (end scene of the movie, so cool)
Shinnnnyyyyyyy armors, shine shine! = ITEM #9209  + ITEM #164872 (even better when cute girls wear those armors hehe)

But yeah if you actually mean something that is not done yet or barely done...I guess more duo figures? Most of them I can find are GK's, I would love to see more like ITEM #315078 & ITEM #116970 , but on the other hand duo figures from PVC are so expensive with the bit that is out there. So hrmm, let me think some more... I would like more connecting bases when you get full sets, I would also like more figures of a character interacting with an item. For example I recently got ITEM #738 and her box has this adorable artwork of her with her phone PICTURE #2455702 , I would like one of her calling on her phone or fiddling on her phone. Figures of characters hugging with a plushie, or picking out clothes to wear for the day... I know it's all existing somewhere in at least one figure, but I just want more 'scenes' of daily lives of characters or happenings to characters and I want less of them 'just standing there'. However, all my ideas would come with high retail prices.... xD

Those following eyes are pretty cool, but I'm not sure how much it would freak me out to see it on figures, so I would have to see some examples before I can say I would like it or not. :D

In general I think there is a lot of creativity with Garage Kits and with (older) trading figure sets. It would be nice if that seeps onto the PVC hobby more as well, but as then the ideas go more 'mainstream' the total cost becomes a lot more important than an artsy GK where the few people interested would be OK with paying a high price. ^^''
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In good news, just 2 days ago I partially re-opened shipping here. Packages are still banned until at least October because of the delays, but envelope shipping is trustworthy again. So I'm slowly putting up for sale smaller goods and trading figures as it would be nice to make a bit of progress there, and learn better how the shipping system works here when sending small-value items instead of throwing $100+ worth figures in the mail system right away.

"Is shipping internationally from Finland reasonable, cost-wise? "


NO. Absolutely not. Packages here go by size and not by weight. Looking at the average scaled figure their box, that is about $85 in shipping... So when it comes to sales to people outside of the country, I'm really stuck to bulk buyers.

Envelope shipping however, although not 'cheap' is definitely more affordable. That one goes by weight. Shipping is pretty cheap if people buy 3+ smaller items at the same time that I can all put in one big envelope. However shipping is slow, both for packages and envelopes as this country has a very low population. Just something I had to accept when moving here. ^^''

Yeah after years of selling I would have disclaimer upon disclaimer upon disclaimer with my listings LOL. I just made a 'fresh start' by having a more simple description on my newly put up on eBay items. Let's see how long it takes before I need to make more disclaimers. xD If you're interested, here is my first try-out on eBay.com: www.ebay.com/us...

I'm not a market expert, but it can take quite some years for a bubble to burst I guess? For me the prices have already become too high and it's just a waiting game for the aftermarket or a good second hand deal... With shipping and taxes here the average scale figure is 200-250 euros each... I wish my disposable income would rise as fast as figure prices. ^^''

Yeah but I guess as feminine characters they can get away with more? I doubt Parfom is going to make Kaworu skinnier so we're just going to have a bit of an awkward looking Kaworu. ^^''

One of them is a bit more adult looking, but yeah from a distance they look like the same character. :P

Let's continue with pointing out cool figures? :D I always thought ITEM #284 did not get enough credit! The whole diorama base is so impressive and she still holds up quality wise!
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Yeah, so I'm mostly stuck to bulk selling or locals. When I still lived in my home country I would also regularly have a table at a convention, because even if I would earn more by 'waiting for the right internet buyer' I would sell way faster over there. When the situation in the world becomes more normal again I want to try selling again. At least I have a positive (sort of :P ) that because Finland doesn't have an eBay I am allowed to list on eBay.com again, so now I should get way more audience for my goods than before. Also I haven't touched the local market here yet, but it seems like a lot less people are in general selling these kinds of goods, which can be either good or bad for me LOL.

Most lowballers are people not in the hobby and having no clue that these are valuable items. And of course the people that google the figure, find the MFC page and be like BUT IT SAYS 200 YEN HERE (them finding the lottery ticket price of a prize figure...sigh).

I don't think Bandai will go under, they have been doing this for so many years. You always have the people loving the IPs and the people not knowing about their antics. ^^''

Yeah I think this is really an issue of especially the list 3 years, maybe even 4 or 5. There seem to be a lot more figures made nowadays, seeming to add in a quality drop and delay issues everywhere. A lot of people are expecting the 'collecting bubble' to burst. People are willing to pay higher prices, so companies rush out to make more, meanwhile there is near the same amount of factories to actually produce these things etc.

I think it could work for some male characters, but not ones that are known for being skinny, like Kaworu LOL.

Yes, yes! I love Elins! <3 Did you ever play TERA? And ooh, from the ones you linked I am especially keeping an eye out myself on those Elves, all of them have lovely thighs! <3 For me..I just...I just...like the squishy! >///< Although them becoming more slender downwards is great as well. Hey, talking about that, did you also see Rorona's glorious calves? PICTURE #670301 Man I wish I had a pair of legs like hers, perfection. It might not surprise you that her sculptor is the same as the one that made many beautiful Queen's Blade ladies. And these two I would love to own some day: ITEM #186894 & ITEM #395671
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I think it's quite famous, even for the people that didn't read/see the Hunger Games. :P

Well, I also have issues with selling cheaper end scaleds, it's mostly the shipping costs that have always shown to be an issue. In my experience, as long as something fits in an envelope, it seems like sales will go OK for me, as the shipping costs for that are somewhat reasonable compared to the item sale price. But when shipping a $50 scaled figure costs $50 to do so...yeah... I have not started trying to sell items since moving to my new country, so I still have to find out how the local market is here. In my home country it was pretty bad because people tend to be...cheap. :P

It's so sad to see a manufacturer make worse figures nowadays than they did 10+ years ago...I'm no Bandai expert, but I think they always were...bad? :P So not a decline for them, just...no improvement. :I

Yes! A lot of older MegaHouse figures would have such surprises with hidden joints or extra swappable outfits and/or heads. You really got your money's worth with them! I think that earlier Rorona figure I linked was one of the last good ones they made before the quality-decrease and price-increase... :(

I think we got nothing officially confirmed, but I think increasing wages and decreasing the size of runs are the main reasons. I guess we will never really know.

Oh~ I haven't heard before of that line ENTRY #42949 , but it is super cute!

I have to think of Kaworu's thighs ITEM #943600 right away and I don't know if that is good or bad LOL. But yes, high five for another thigh lover! :D It's one of my own main moe points, I got a lot of cuties with nice thighs. :3 My own favorite thighs (in no specific order):
ITEM #61401 = PICTURE #670304
ITEM #97006 = PICTURE #2216016 & PICTURE #1980231
ITEM #384 = PICTURE #810968
ITEM #117318 (or basically any Elin figure) = PICTURE #837054
ITEM #3835 = PICTURE #2269085 & PICTURE #2269082
I hope you're not sweating too much now. xD
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I'm getting hunger games vibes from that comment. xD

But it is hard! Because with a lot of my lower quality prize figures I feel like I want to get rid of them, but they are so hard to sell, that I rather just put them back in the collection. :P

I think cafe Miku has quite a bit of shading around the eyes, at least on the prototype, to make the eyes look so much...creepier haha. But as it is shading, I think it won't be on the actual prize figure when it releases.

There are some absolute gems in late 2000's figures! :) MegaHouse was back then a super neat manufacturer. They basically just heavily dropped quality ever since 2012+, which is coincidentally the year I see you mentioning. So I guess you only know about 'bad MegaHouse'? I wanted to show you this review of a 2010 MegaHouse figure as well because next to looking amazing, she has so many display options: BLOG #42364 ! :) Don't think all MegaHouse is bad!

But yeah most of my collection is 'old'. Most of them are 2008-2014 releases. Figure quality has definitely gone up since then, but I don't think as well as the new prices of today are. Prices have doubled while quality is up 25% just to give an example. So even now when I buy 'new' figures I regularly go for older ones. I find it very hard to drop $150+ on something (which every scaled figure nowadays becomes with shipping and taxes) unless it's a super favorite character.

Ooh! That one also has very neat eyes! There is something about them looking a bit upward, eh. Now that I think about it, it might be one of the reasons I like ITEM #61401 so much (look, another figure from MegaHouse Golden Age haha). And if you like zettai ryouki in general, you might want to look some more into figures of the Airi ENTRY #1911 character I earlier mentioned... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And oh! Almost forgot about this one. I got a figure with a decal defect, making her absolutely menacing, a faulty figure I can get behind and actually appreciate over the original.

What I have: PICTURE #2442524

What she is supposed to be: PICTURE #1312367
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Yeah, I really love that figure. I am actually planning on downsizing my KanColle collection, but I simply can never think about getting rid of her. They nailed that face. :)

Same for me as well LOL. For a similar reason I also thought ITEM #718192 was always a bit...scary. Almost like she is screaming for help. xD By the way, I would say the new ITEM #947673 has a bit of a death stare going on....what did she put in your food/drink?? xD

Eyes are so important for a figure...that said, do you have a favorite pair of eyes on one? My favorite is on an oldie: PICTURE #255816 , they match the eyes of her character design perfectly (and that cheeky grin)! Hard to believe it's a 13 year old figure already, hehe.
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Oh, that plushie is great!

I also like 'death glare', which I see as 'intended death stare' instead of 'accidental death stare':') My favorite figure with that is PICTURE #1599560 . :)

For actual more death stares, I thin a lot of Taito's Miku's fit that bill: browse.v4.php?c... :)

Most of the dead eyes in my collection look rather...depressed. :') First one coming to mind PICTURE #670041 , they did her dirty LOL. But I still love her. :)
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Came across your profile and had to laugh at your preference for death stares. xD That plushie is great!

Which are your other favorite figures, plushies or other goods with them? I'm longing to get ITEM #732393 and I guess some of my older figures could apply a bit to this as well, although they sometimes are more close to 'dead eyes'. :I
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Thank you so muuch! ★★★
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!