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宜しく お願いします!
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皆さん 今日は。 ベーバーです。
宜しく お願いします。
漫画や アニメが 大好きです。
今の 興味が たぶん フィギュアを 集めるしか ありません。
皆さん ぜひ この すばらしい 趣味を 楽しましょう。

Hi Everyone, My adana (nick) is weiwere.
My interest include Manga, Anime, and of course figure collecting.
Let's share the enjoyment this figure collecting hobby together!



Hi there, I ended up deleting my article because I'm in the midst of working something out with the seller, but I wanted to thank you so much for your comment! I'm going to attempt the acrylic paint first, and ask my dad to help with the drill bit trick later on. I appreciate you sharing that with me! ♡
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hihi, thanks for the fr ^^
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Hello there, I have some questions to ask about ordering Japanese H-doujinshi online to Singapore, can we please have a chat somewhere so I can discuss about it with you? I have many worries about SG customs and other things.
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weiwere3 anno/i fa#21682262Happy Birthday!

I'm so sorry for the super late response! I was away for so long!!

But thank you so much for the well wishes! :)
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weiwere3 anno/i fa#19774866Happy Birthday!

Thank you very much! Appreciate it!!!
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weiwere3 anno/i fa#19273231Hi Thanks for the FR.
Wow you are certainly a Miku fan!
Nice collection you have amassed there.

Hello! Thank you for accepting my friend request too! :) Haha Miku has so many nice figures, it's honestly so hard to choose just a select few... *cough*
Yours is really beautiful! I love your huge scale figure collection :)
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Oh my friend you too!:)weiwere3 anno/i fa#19189726Hi,
Thanks for the FR.
Your collection is quite extensive and varied.
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weiwere3 anno/i fa#17196953Happy Birthday!
Wish that you have a great year ahead!

Thank you ^^
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Hi Sen Goh-san. I come from Singapore. I have seen your post regarding shipment of Japanese doujinshi. May I ask you some questions regarding this issue? No worries I am not a bad guy. I just encounter some similar problems as discussed in your posts. If it is possible can we have a chat online or something that you are comfortable with...Thank you so much my fellow.
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lusciouscookies left shark
weiwere4 anno/i fa#11504629Happy Birthday!

Thank you very much!! :):)
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