• hihi, thanks for the fr ^^
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    Hello there, I have some questions to ask about ordering Japanese H-doujinshi online to Singapore, can we please have a chat somewhere so I can discuss about it with you? I have many worries about SG customs and other things.
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    weiwere3 anno/i fa#21682262Happy Birthday!

    I'm so sorry for the super late response! I was away for so long!!

    But thank you so much for the well wishes! :)
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    weiwere3 anno/i fa#19774866Happy Birthday!

    Thank you very much! Appreciate it!!!
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    weiwere3 anno/i fa#19273231Hi Thanks for the FR.
    Wow you are certainly a Miku fan!
    Nice collection you have amassed there.

    Hello! Thank you for accepting my friend request too! :) Haha Miku has so many nice figures, it's honestly so hard to choose just a select few... *cough*
    Yours is really beautiful! I love your huge scale figure collection :)
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    Oh my friend you too!:)weiwere3 anno/i fa#19189726Hi,
    Thanks for the FR.
    Your collection is quite extensive and varied.
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    weiwere3 anno/i fa#17196953Happy Birthday!
    Wish that you have a great year ahead!

    Thank you ^^
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    Hi Sen Goh-san. I come from Singapore. I have seen your post regarding shipment of Japanese doujinshi. May I ask you some questions regarding this issue? No worries I am not a bad guy. I just encounter some similar problems as discussed in your posts. If it is possible can we have a chat online or something that you are comfortable with...Thank you so much my fellow.
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    lusciouscookies left shark
    weiwere4 anno/i fa#11504629Happy Birthday!

    Thank you very much!! :):)
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    weiwere4 anno/i fa#9622369Thats nice! Sega SPM figures are generally quite affordable. (not too ex)
    My fav eri figure is this by Alpha Omega ITEM #361549

    Ah it's sooo gorgeous!
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