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                                         「 thanks, Yue-Chan . ❤」

                                             「 y o u t u b e 」


Happy Birthday!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Feier schön und genieße deinen Tag.;)
5 anno/i fa
Alles Gute!
5 anno/i fa
Merry Christmas my dear Kami-chan, I hope you were spoiled and you had all the gifts you looking for :)
6 anno/i fa
xKamiChan6 anno/i fa#1898325But now we can finally relax, right? ~ 2 more days until Christmas! Are you excited? :3 Wow, nice! I really like the pictures. I swear, next time I visit Paris I will go there, too!
Waah! Really? I'm so glad for you! I'm sure you will find a Mami soon. ^-^ I wonder how nendoroids are ... are they worth to buy? Because I think they are cute, but they are so small and I'm never sure if I should buy one or not. >.<
Oh and thank you soooo much for your contratulation! The pictures made me really happy, they are so cute! >w< Thank you, thank you, thank youuuu! *hugs you*. :3

True. Gosh, I have the impression that I wanted holidays since a years! Last school's period was very hard...but now, as you say, this is relax 0/
Huuum...not as much as when I was a child but yeah, I can say that I'm a little excited. Tomorrow night is the most beautiful of all the year's night after all, it's normal to want it with excitation! What are you going to do tomorrow? Are you going to do Christmas Eve with your family ?
Me, I'm going to spend the beginning of the night at the church (I'm a member of the choir) and after, I would joined my family for the Eve.
That's good, I hope for you too that you can go to this borough next time :)
Yeah, I was so happy when I finally put my hands on her! Huum... I think it depends on the one you want. Some of nendoroids are very cute and full of accesories but a lot of others are very useless because they are very poor in accesories and faces. (for example, Sayaka nendoroid). But I don't think they are so much small, they are just 3 centimeters less than figmas. If, one day, you want to buy a nendoroid, I recommend you Ultimate Madoka Nendoroid. I saw it in a convention and I can swear you that she's gorgeous!
Aw, I'm so sorry for the late, I promised you that I didn't forget the date of your birthday and finally...But I'm glad , very glad ,that you like the pictures :)
6 anno/i fa
I completely forgot that your birthday was the 4th of December...I'm truly sorry Kami-chan ...
But, with all my heart, I wish you a happy birthday and a nice 16th years. <3

Here, some presents for you :)

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i58.servimg.com/u/f58/18/16/60/83/cadeau10.jpg



I know that this image is very Yuri but ...
6 anno/i fa
xKamiChan6 anno/i fa#1869202For me holidays ended, too, but already a few weeks ago. ;o; So that is also the reason why I didn't reply, I am sorry! ><' I am very busy now.
That would be really awesome, so if you have time, feel free to send them to me! :)
Ah,I see. Thanks! I hope so too.
Well at least they are honest! xD

Don't be sorry, I understand. Me too, with the courses, I don't have a lot of time. I'm very busy and I really want Christmas's holidays hurry come.
Hai, I hope you like them !

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i58.servimg.com/u/f58/18/16/60/83/photo010.jpg

This is the french bookshop


And here, the japanese bookshop


Okinawa restaurant


The japanese supermarket. Here, I buy all my japanese food like curry, wasabi, ramen or soja sauce :)


The principal street


This is the kind of pastries you can buy at the cake shop of the japanese area (here, a choco cornet and cream puffs


It's looks delicious right ? :)

True, they are honest. But I think it's very ridiculous .
Oh, you don't know! I finally found Homura's nendoroid! I wanted her since 6 month and I found her for a very low price >w< I was so happy this morning when I received her! But I have to wait the 24th December because she's my Christmas present T_T Now, I only have to find Mami's nendoroid and I can die in peace :p
6 anno/i fa
xKamiChan7 anno/i fa#1808818Oh yes, me too! Only for one week, but it's still better than nothing! ^-^ Ah nooo, I was there but I didn't realize that this is a japanese area! >.< I think I'm already too late, but maybe you still took some pictures? If yes, it would be awesome if you could show them to me. Ah, yes, that's right! Oh, it's the same like here. If you go to school in a region where it isn't that hard, your Abitur (it's almost the same as BAC)is going to be not that hard, too.
Haha, I learned about "stage en entreprise" last year in my french class! It was interesting! Oh, and what did you do? Did you find something good? :D
Yeah, but now I will go to the pediatrician because my aunt (she works at a hospital) told me that the work you can do there has nothing to do with the real job. You can only fill out and sort documents, give the patients their pills and stuff like that. And that's more like the work of a nurse, not the work of a doctor.
I know! xD He looks like a ugly mix of Eren and Levi. ;u;

True ! ^^ For me ,holidays are ended >< I have to return at school monday ...I don't want T0T
Sure , I took some with my mobile, especially a fabulous restaurant called "Okinawa" . You can eat delicious food for 11€ ! I have pictures of japanese's bookstore , supermarket and some pastries from "Aki" , a delicious japanese's cake shop ! I'll send them to you soon , I promise :)
Not really >< the first time , I was in the company of my father, who work as a informatician . Badly, I'm not very interesting by trading and IT so during all the week, I was bored. The second time( because I redoubled my last year) , I was at the music conservatory and it was a little more fun , but not so much .
Yes ,it's more nurse's work but I think it's the only thing you can do when you're in internship, especially if you're a student. I hope you can find a job at the pediatrician :)
Yes exactly ! I found it on Ebay and I laught when I saw the product's description : "Official, different chinese version" ... Yes, they obviously admitted that their product is false . XD
Happy Halloween to you too. (A bit late but...) ^0^
7 anno/i fa
xKamiChan7 anno/i fa#1769783Poor Yue-Chan. qwq
Good luck, I'm sure you can do it! Wha-!? There is a japanese's area in Paris?! Nooo. Last year, I was in Paris, but I never knew that there is a area like this. >.<' Hopefully I can visit Paris one more time, then I will visit it. :3
That would be nice, but I'm also okay with someone who isn't a fan of Japan, he just has to accept my love to collect figures, mangas and Anime-DVDs. :3
Ah, I see. ~ >w<
Oh yes, it's very different from our school system! It's so intricate, I always get confused. xD What does 'light' mean here? o: I personally don't like the german school system, especially because in all the regions, the difficulty of the school is different. There are 16 regions, and I live in the one where the school system is the second-hardest one! That's so unfair. q~q
Thank you very much, I hope so too! But right now I have to find a job for a week, it's a school project called 'Bogy'. And I don't have any idea where I want to work. Maybe at the pediatrician or dentist, or at the hospital. The only thing I know is that I want to do something with medicine. :p
Aw, that's sad. But of course I accept your opinion! :3
Thahahahahaha, you are right! It's Sader's son! He looks like one of my old DoReMi figures that I sold a few weeks ago! Hahaha!

Yeah this year will probably be hard ...but now ,I'm in autumn holidays ! So I can relax a little before to do my homeworks T_T
Hahaha ,I hope too , it would be a dream which become true ! Yup , it's an area in the 1st borough of Paris , not far from the Louvres Museum , the principal street is called "Rue Sainte Anne" . Maybe I'll going over there next wednesday ,do you want me to send you some pictures ?
Here ,light means "léger" ("Licht" in German ,right ?!) . Oh really ? So unfair ! It's very different from french's school system . We don't have any difference between regions about school program but in return ,some regions are better rated at the BAC than others ... so sometimes ,we can have a huge difference of pourcentage's success from one region to another .
Ah ,I know this school project ,I had the same during my last year of middle school ! That was called "Stage en entreprise" , and I remember that I had a lot of difficulties to find a internship which had a link with the audiovisual or the translation ><
Wow , a intership at the hospital can be really interesting ! *0*
Hahahaha , he's so wonderful ! Who wants to buy that ,seriously ?! XD That looks like art of a young child
7 anno/i fa
xKamiChan7 anno/i fa#1733502yay! Sorry for my late reply, too. School started again, so I don't have so much freetime anymore.
Aw, that's sad! But I'm happy that you have your boyfriend who wants to go with you to Japan! ^-^ Does he also like Anime and Manga? No, I don't have a boyfriend. I have a few guys as a friend, and I really like them, but I don't love them. :D
Oh, but I'm sure that you will find a job! And hopefully one that you really enjoy. (:
Ah, I had the french school system last year in my french class. It was really interestig! This year is serious for me, too. Some of my grades will go into my final report, which I have to use when I want a job. So I'm really afraid of failing, because if I get bad grades, I will never be able to improve them again. But good luck! <3
Thank you, I try to study much and to concentrate on school, so I won't fail ...
By the way: Did you already watched Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Koyjin)? :3

Don't worry ,I perfectly understand . Me too ,since the school started ,I don't have a lot of time for me with the tests ,the homeworks and the courses >< .
Yeah ,it's our big project ! And for realize it ,we work a lot for save money (he works on a site and me as a baby sitter) . We hope we can go in Japan next year . Yeah ,he like manga and anime , not as far as me but enought for always buy 2 or 3 mangas when we go to the japanese's area of Paris ;) (a really wonderful place ! If you go to Paris ,a day , go to visit it ! You have three or four book shop , a japanese cake shop and a grocery !)
That's great too :) and you have time for find THE boy ,maybe one who loves anime and manga ? ;)
You're kind :) I hope too ! But now ,my only preoccupation is the BAC and the university ^^
Really ? So what do you think about our school system ? Is it different of your ? The only thing I heard about your school system is that it's more light than our (like Spain's one or UK's one )
I'm sure you pass your examination without any problem :) Good luck Kami-chan \^0^/
Yeah ,I already read it and watch it but I don't like very much ,the story didn't captivate me ... But I saw that : picture/823999&...
This is the new Sader ,don't you agree ? XD When I saw this picture this morning ,I laugh so hard that I fall of my chair ! What's that seriously ?! It's the worst bootlegs of the year XD
7 anno/i fa
xKamiChan7 anno/i fa#1631753I hope so! ^-^
Why they don't like Japan? q ^ q Oh, okay! Thank you very much, this is a very good information for me. I will try to remember it. :3
Ah, yeah, that's right. Than I mean all the spanish speaking people. :b
Oh, really? I never knew that ... I don't know it is here in Germany ... since I live here nothing changed really much.
Hehe, thanks, it's finally over! Now I can relax for the next 6 weeks, and after that, I am finally a senior or high schooler (I don't know how you call them in english, sorry. qq' Hopefully you will understand what I want to say xD).

Hey Kami-chan ^^ Sorry for the late ,I was in holidays with my family in Portugal and I didn't have the Internet T_T But now ,I came back at home so I can send you a little message :)
My father don't like asian culture and my mother prefer hot countries so ,as you can understand , Japan isn't the best holiday's destination for them . But I don't care ,I would go by myself ,now or later ! And surely with my boyfriend ;) About that ,do you have one ? (if it's not indiscreet ><)
Oh lucky you are ^^ I'm very afraid about future ,I hope I could find a job ...when I watch the TV and hear "Unemployement's rate grows up " ,it doesn't reassure me >< but I have the time : 4 years yet (last year of hight school and 3 years of university) .
Oh great ,enjoy your holidays , you deserve it ^^ For me ,holidays are almost over ,only 2 weeks before back to school . And this year ,it's serious ! I have to pass my final examination (we call this "BAC" ) which determines my chance to go to the university I want .(this is a university where I can learn japanese )
Oh so now ,you're a high schooler ("une lycéenne" in french) ?! Congratulation :) And do your best next year too ^^
7 anno/i fa
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