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Trusty ol' AmiAmi

As I just had to leave a very poor review for another company (which was not fun to do) I felt I should balance things out by sending some praise to a company that has served me right for many years. I can always rely on AmiAmi to have what I want, their stock is amazing and I preorder from them on a routine basis. I've also obtained a number of good deals through their sale section and through their preowned section. If I have ever encountered an issue it has only been a couple times and each time it was a broken figure due to manufacturing error, they have replaced the figure both times with only picture evidence from me and they do it at rapid speed. I would also like to note that I have moved ALOT in the last couple years and with every change of address I have never had an issue, the products always make it to the right door step. Every time I receive an order it is meticulously packaged with great care, nothing has ever been broken due to their packaging. With all of that being said I would like to say thank you to AmiAmi for being a trustworthy company, that has what I need, and thank you to your customer service staff who are always quick to answer questions in a polite way!
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