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Anime NPC
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We sell 100% authentic figures, Nendoroid, plushes, video games, and all sorts of anime-related goods from Japan!

We are founded in 2015. Located in Japan, Hong Kong & United States.

We have department centers located in Japan, Hong Kong, and Boston and most of our items will be shipped out from Hong Kong since it is the largest distribution center among all.


Mixed up shipping address

I was searching for the nendoroid more Halloween set that was overpriced on eBay and other retailers, and animenpc was the only one that had it in stock and available for around msrp, even including shipping. Ordering and payment process was quick and painless, got the confirmation email and waited for my item to come. Next thing, I get an email saying that they have accidentally gotten my order switched with another customer's and I will be receiving their item and they will be receiving mine. They requested that I ship the switched item to the owner and they would do the same for my item, with shipping reimbursed. I agreed and the other person agreed as well, and I waited for the package to come and sent it off to the given address. Reimbursement for shipping via paypal was very quick, and I did receive my item safely in the end, but things could have gone badly if the other person hadn't been willing to go through with the exchange for some reason! Overall this was a weird experience but I do want to stress that communication was clear and timely on their end, and the reimbursement for shipping was very quick, so I think their customer service handled this fiasco really well. If things had gone smoothly, it would've been great! Price point was perfect and even with the mix-up, items arrived in a timely manner to both parties. Just wanted to share my experience and hope it helps.
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