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    Really good proxy

    I needed to get some exclusive items but my go to proxy services weren't available so I looked into several options before I managed to use Neokyo.

    I went into their services a bit nervous, but their response to buying and managing the items I ordered was rather quick! The fees were also understandable and realistic, not overpriced at all. The shipping was also really good, both the prices shown and the times.

    Overall I recommend Neokyo 100%!! They're really great!
    6 mese/i fa
  • neokyo review (may 2022)

    I've been using Neokyo since Sep/Dec of 2021, and they were actually the first proxy service I ever used. I kind of put off using proxy services when I first started collecting JP-exclusive goods but now I use them a whole lot. Here's my review! (under spoiler).

    View spoilerHide spoilerSince it's always on peoples minds, I'll talk about it here: Throughout it all I actually really don't mind their loss of Mercari. I'm sure it was frustrating for them as well, but either way, the cut from Mercari was sudden and if there is ever a problem in the future with their service I really hope it's less of a sudden change.

    Anyway, I'll go through the points of each ranking:


    Item prices: Of course, there's a fee here and there, but their 250 item fee is heavenly. In comparison to B*yee, who is their biggest competitor, Neokyo is superior.

    Item selection: The loss of Mercari, as I said, was their biggest loss, unfortunately. I will say, I enjoy Rakuma as well, but the slowness of the platform isn't beatable to Mercari at times. It depends on what you're looking for, but in some areas, if what you enjoy buying from isn't a fast market on Rakuma, you're sometimes out of luck. I've also used them to buy from Sanrio JP, which was super great. I would actually recommend them the most for sites like Sanrio JP or other non secondhand stores. Adding on, sometimes their search function for items is tedious to use. It kind of makes searching for items a bit hard at times, especially when it crashes or suddenly removes the arrow buttons around 50+ pages in. The only fix it adding in the page numbers to the URL to keep looking. (Mostly happens on YJA and Rakuma, lol). I think it would help if they shared/advertised more non-secondhand sites to use as well since tbh
    completely forgot I could use their site to buy from different sites other than the ones they advertise on their website.

    Website: Their UI is a bit ... mixed? I don't like how their UI is at times, I prefer other websites much more. I wish it was a bit more simplistic and less button-clicking-esque. I especially find it frustrating how their site puts out the wallet system. As somebody who sometimes has a hard time reading digitally, I can't at times figure out how much I actually owe them via the wallet or miscellaneous problems throughout purchasing at times. When I win an auction, I almost always accidentally put in too much in their wallet system since their site UI is just a bit too hard for me to read. I constantly have to reread multiple parts of their site at times. Just a little bit of tweaking and it would be great. Like, a very obvious piece of text that tells you just how much you need that *isn't* in your wallet already.

    Customer service: Hi Yann, if you see this review, (idk if you will), thanks for always helping out!

    Anyway. Their customer service is really great. I appreciate the transparency when it comes to answers (idk if that's the correct word to use but thank you neokyo for always actually answering my questions. unlike some ..other.. proxies.) - They also have a Discord server, which is always active. Their support channel is really good, and their community members are really helpful. I don't have any complaints.

    Stock management: TBH idk what this section is supposed to be specific for so I'll just use this section to talk about their storage. I love the free 45 day storage however, I will say, I wish the fee to keep items in storage was adjusted just a tiny bit. shrug

    Payment options: I like stripe, it's easy, thank god it doesn't need 3d secure like amiami or mandarake otherwise i'd literally die, however one time I lost an auction and when I requested a wallet refund they never emailed me letting me know it went through/got approved so I had to check back for days on end if it was approved or not. Would be a tiny bit nicer if they emailed you saying your payment (and refunds) went through. (never tried paypal for neokyo so I don't have much to say there).

    Packing: Neokyo has really good packaging! However. I will say, sometimes DHL (the only method I really use anymore) squishes my packages *just a tiny bit* and the bottom of my boxes are occasionally not as well protected as I wish they were. Especially if it was a rarer figure or a paper/thinner goods item, I would advise just the slightest bit more of protection via the sides and bottom. They don't overuse packaging, thankfully, but just the slightest bit of adjustments at time would be nice. I notice they usually package paper on *top* of the items which I think would be best if they did both the top and bottom in shipping paper.

    Also sometimes I've seen the order number labels taped right on the item's clear wrap bag in an area that could rip and I get a little stressed when I almost rip open rare/super old item's original packaging when it's placed right on it. Perhaps using washi/paper tape instead of clear tape (since it peels off much easier) would be nice.

    Shipping rates/options: Not much to say here, I don't think Neokyo is malicious with their prices (or at least, I don't think so) - They package items in really small/just what's needed boxes and I appreciate that. Their packaging fee isn't that bad. I've always had access to a lot of shipping methods as well, which I also appreciate.

    Shipping rapidity: I suppose this section means how fast they ship - they ship typically one-two days after they pack and I pay my shipping. They're really fast with (most/almost all) of their services. They don't work on weekends though so be sure to note that sometimes on Fridays-Mondays (USA time, at the least) it's a bit slower.

    Final thoughts: I think Neokyo is a really, really nice proxy. Their fee is only 250 yen, I really appreciate their customer service, etc, etc. The only "issue" I've ever had is the loss of Mercari, but that was (most likely) out of their control. I will say, I like them best for Auctions and buying from (non-secondhand) stores that typically are off limits to international orders that also aren't offered by other japan-to-international store fronts. I definitely will use them consistently for my non-secondhand orders.

    aaand that's all from me! thank you to anybody who read all the way through!
    8 mese/i fa
    Hello! Thank you so much for the super in-depth review. I'll pass on the feedback regarding the packing handling and check on the refund request notification thing, if we indeed do not send an email upon then I'll add that to our to-do list.
    Once again thank you :-)
    P.S I guess I did read your review in the end haha.
  • Good Proxy Service

    I purchased a used Maid Konata figure from Amazon Japan using them. Overall it was a straightforward process and I have no complaints.
    9 mese/i fa
  • Go to proxy

    Easy to use and has a lot. Well except Mercari since they got sold out.
    11 mese/i fa
  • Amazing Service

    I have been using Neokyo for several months now and it is great. I don't have much to say other than how simple and easy this service is to use.

    Would really love it if they implement support for auction sites like Yahoo soon - I'd much rather be using Neokyo for bidding than buyee!

    Updating my review since Neokyo now does allow bidding on Yahoo Auctions. This only makes their service even better. I have recently been making a lot of Mercari purchases and Neokyo is my go to for orders from there. Their super fast response times as always continue to impress me! I have the feeling in the future I may start exclusively using this proxy service.
    1 anno/i fa
    Thanks you for rating us!
    Hopefully we can release the Deposit & Yahoo Auctions update before the end of the year, we've been quite anticipating it as well. :-)
    edit : thank you for the update as well! :-D
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