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  • 4★ - nice sale prices!
    I got a K-on! figure on sale for 9USD. A lot of their items are out of stock though. The shipping took about a week and a half for standard and when it arrived it was very nicely packed! I have no complaints and I will be ordering from them again :)
    8 anno/i fa
  • 5★ - Happy with them.
    I've ordered from Hobbyfan several times through their Amazon portal. Their selection can be hit and miss, but I've found quite a handful of items (mostly prize figures) that were long sold out and difficult to obtain directly from Japanese shops. Their prices aren't bad; generally I found their prices to be comparable to what you'd pay ordering from Japan with EMS shipping. Shipping was really fast, too.
    9 anno/i fa
  • 5★ - Good price
    They have good price and many figures options.
    I can ask to send the box later and can change adrees for send without problems.
    9 anno/i fa
  • 5★ - Very Reliable
    I have had nothing but positive experiences with this company. They always ship out on time and the packages arrive quickly. They also have great customer support service. When i emailed them about a delay they quickly informed me that they were at a convention and they shipped it out the same day they returned. The only criticism I would have would be the high shipping prices. Other then that they are a good store.
    9 anno/i fa
  • kk090200 Con going Anime lover!!!!
    4★ - Great US shop
    I use them in situations where I have found myself discovering a figure release a little on the late side and having no other direct source to fulfill said order. They are a bit pricey and they have been known to suffer immense delays but they have always managed to come through for me in the end.
    10 anno/i fa
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