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  • Love this site!

    I've placed tons of orders on this site and are always very satisfied with my purchase. Large selection of items and very reasonable price. Customer service is beyond excellent too. They respond to emails and restock requests fairly quickly and staff is always very polite. Just note that you may not be able to cancel any item after an order is placed (been there, tried that) and you should not have any problem with this site at all. Sometimes they include little freebies with your purchase (in my case merch from the same series or of the characters) which is just super sweet!
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  • Love this store!

    They have figures from ages ago that no one else sells.
    I got my ranmaru trading figure from them which I never thought I would ever get my hands on! At first, it was 'sold out'on their site, so I contacted them to ask if they would sell one again. Got a reply saying it was ready to buy.
    Their packaging is really good! Shipping is (for all the times I bought something from them) really fast!
    Really polite store with a wide range of items no one else seems to be selling.
    Really recommend this one.
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  • Great service!

    Both the processing and the shipping were quick. I bought a used product and it looked like brand new. Will surely use DoujinRepublic and their other services again!
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  • Recommended

    I've bought like 20 times from them so far, never had any problems, be it used anime goods or doujinshi. Packing is always top notch and if you have any requests they respond fairly quickly. Sometimes if you ask for an out of stock item they won't get it even though I have seen the item at other auction websites but oh well.
    Sometimes their prices are ridiculously high for rare or older items but then again, shipping is free, so..

    If you shop a lot with them they sometimes even send you small gifts based on the series you like/previous articles that you bought, or clear covers for your doujinshi.

    Can only recommend them though.
    3 anno/i fa
  • Awesome!

    I actually made my purchase at Goods Republic, which is their site for anime figures. The free shipping scheme is awesome, customer service is TOP NOTCH. I ordered a pre-owned figure for my first purchase and he arrived in amazing condition. Packaging is super awesome as well.

    10/10 would recommend HIGHLY. If the prices werent so high (^^;;;) I would buy EVERYTHING from them. One of the best ones out there for sure.

    Also, Mafuyu's blogs on how to display various things are always super helpful!
    3 anno/i fa
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