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  • 4★ - Good shop for PO
    I've been purchasing most of my figures for years on Nin-nin, and for now I won't change that.
    The good points :
    -Very good offers on preorders (better than amiami at times)
    -Pay later option for preorders
    -Good packaging, only had a break once and it was the manufacturer's fault
    -Will declare a lower value for customs taxes when asked
    -Good customer service, kind and fast.
    -If they don't open a page for a product another shop is selling for preorder, you can ask them if they can also get the product. Asked twice and they were able to secure some stock/PO after a few days. :)

    They also used to be quick to ship, now I'm reaching 2+ weeks of wait from the moment the order goes from Purchased to Preparation in progress... I really hope they will upgrade this point again soon. :( Hence why I'm leaving only 4 stars today. Delays are going from 1-2 days prepation to 3 weeks...

    Bad points :
    - If you buy a sexy figure, you can't use PayPal to pay. It's a bit annoying when PayPal is the safest way to pay online...
    - No SAL no Airmail. Which is a cheaper option than EMS/Fedex, but much faster and safer than Surface.
    - Some products in stock will sometimes see a raise of 200%+ in their price randomly.When asked about that, they said the manufacturer just delivered them more stock with new prices. However the figure was 4 years old with no rerelease ever planned... If the prices don't match retail price, forget about it. They're making profit based on the after market's prices. :/
    - There's currently a lot of delay between the moment a figure is released and the moment they actually prepare your order. Still comparing with Amiami, when Amiami announces a figure release on their side, it can take up to a month+ before Nin-nin gets the same figure.

    Still my favorite and safest shop for me online when you purchase from France. Really good for preordering. I will change my review to 5* when they get better at packing faster. :)
    26 giorno/i fa
  • 4★ - Good shop
    Even though I had read some negative comments regarding this shop, I wanted to form my own opinion and I placed an order for the re-release of the Yun Yun Nendo. I have to admit that the "pay later" option also weighed in the balance. I opened a ticket because I needed an update with my shipping address and got a reply in a timely manner. I got a shipping confirmation with Fedex tracking 2 days after the relesase date and when the parcel arrived, I discovered that it had been undervalued. Protective packaging could be improved though, 1 sheet of bubble wrap is not enough. So that's a nice first experience and everything went fine with this shop, I'll probably order again.
    4 mese/i fa
  • 2★ - figure min bubble wrap
    ah this shop No Sal to Eu even when japan does accept postage to Eu!
    Packs £150+ figure with just 1 layer of bubble wrap.
    let just say the figure with paint missing and nin nin games refuse to help after 2-3 emails.
    5 mese/i fa
  • 4★ - Good Option to have
    I recently just ordered Wagaya no Liliana-san's figure, tried to order from other websites but were sold out, came across Nin Nin and decided to give it a try.

    At first i have a problem with their payment, there was an error with the first payment and i had to pay again for the figure, the first payment i had to request for a refund.
    The refund came after 3 working days when the order states changed to refund, which i would consider good. my figure also just came today and its good.

    The refund i got was abit short but i would consider it as bad luck and the bank taking some as interest.

    I would recommend this website if you are planning to pre-order figure from them, go read their FAQ for payment first so you won't encounter the error that i had, for used/old figure i am unable to recommend due to no experience with that part.

    The reason why i was their service is that you will find figure that amiami don't put up for pre-order (ahem +R18 figure) and price that is better than Solaris Japan. i got my figure today (released on 31st Aug)
    6 mese/i fa
  • 3★ - Nin-Nin Game
    The higher the sums of the purchased product or postage the better they try the lower they are the less they try. Prices are attractive only for the most risky shipping methods. Customer support is shameful. Already received content where the product box has been damaged or the product has been broken. However, they have a pretty good option for payment and method of payment, and larger collection of goods. Still, I don’t recommend buying especially in bulk because they become arrogant, as you start sending them notifications because they don’t respond, etc!
    8 mese/i fa
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