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J-Figure.com is a new shop which was opened May 2013. The shop is located in Tokyo, and sells both new and pre-owned anime figures to all over the world.

Pre-owned figures are quite popular in Japan because they are cheaper than new ones (except some collector's items) and often traded in very good condition. In most cases, the outer box has some damages but the inside is kept clean, often as fresh as a brand new. J-Figure.com offers such quality pre-owned figures at bargain prices.

In addition, here in Japan, we do not have so much an issue of bootleg which bothers collectors who live outside Japan. Products we sell are all licensed, original. You can enjoy safe shopping with us.

At J-Figure.com, you can also find "sold out" items which are are only available in the second-hand market. Find with us a rare item you have been long looking for! We are small enough to respond to your individual need, so if you do not find the item in our stock, just let us know at info@jfigure.com so that we can find it for you in the second-hand market in Japan.

Our site is currently operated in English and German. We accept payment in PayPal. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Shipping cost will be calculated and added to your price during your checkout depending on which shipping method you choose between EMS, SAL and AIR.

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Great customer service

EDIT: They were kind enough to give me compensation of 1500 yen which I believe makes up for the broken piece and the shipping. The customer service is definitely an A+ Ordered Max Factory's Aoba in A/B condition from them a few weeks ago for a great price. I was very happy to be able to get him, so I went with EMS shipping to get him ASAP. I placed my order on the 14th of October and they didn't ship him out until the 22nd which is a little over a week processing time. Probably the longest I've ever had to wait when it comes to processing. Before they shipped it out, I shot them a PM on here and inquired about my order which they swiftly replied to, so pretty good customer service. He finally arrived on the 1st of November which is 12 days shipping time. EMS cost me a good $60. I could of saved a lot by going with a cheaper shipping option. Almost two weeks is unacceptable for EMS especially for the amount that I paid. Putting aside that fact, I was quite happy when I received him... Until I heard a rattling in the box. Turns out a piece had broken off. Not sure if it was due to shipping or if he was broken beforehand, but because they deal with pre-owned figures, they made it clear in their FAQ that you shouldn't be expecting a broken product- but I wasn't expecting a broken one either! I admit, it's an easy fix, but it's not too good for this many flaws to be present on an order-especially a customer's first order. All in all, I wouldn't recommend this site. I've read some good reviews on it and decided to take a chance, but unfortunately my order didn't go as smoothly. The site is sketchy looking, but they do offer some decent prices if you look. Don't count on their shipping times though- you might as well save some money with a cheaper shipping option as processing time + their slow shipping time would probably end up coming around the same time anyway. I'm going to try contacting them today to try to get some compensation and edit my review if necessary.
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