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5★ - Great shop
I bought the newest Okita Sougo figure from them. They had free shipping for new customers, so I got a good deal. He arrived in great condition. I would shop here again.
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5★ - First time ordering
My Kurumi nendo was sold out everywhere, so I decided to try TOM. The price was pretty good.

I don't remember being able to choose shipping. The only one available was EMS if I remember right. I personally didn't care because I really wanted my Kurumi. The shipping was really fast! My delivery date was going to be on a Monday, but my nendo showed up on Friday instead.

The packing was okay. TOM uses weird construction paper as packing though, but they also wrap the figure's box in bubble wrap. My Kurumi and her box were in perfect condition.

Will definitely use again! ^_^
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5★ - My experience has been good.
My experience with TOM has been great so far and is now my 2nd favourite place to shop, or first when they have the 30% cashback offer.

I wouldn't buy without the promotion however because you'll find the that prices are jacked up.

Packaging is fine so far and their prices are really competitive with the higher cashback on esp. with free shipping.

Customer service is really good, better than most of the shops. I think its because the CS person replies with a level of expressiveness absent from the other shops.

Plus, I won a giveaway figure from them that they occassionally hold.

One tip tho, split your orders into as many small ones as possible to meet the free shipping threshold otherwise it gets really complex with TOM points should you need to do a partial refund. E.g. Free shipping for orders >= $150. If you buy two figures worth $150 each, make 2 separate orders.
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5★ - Good store also for european customers.
Overall positive experience. Very fast shipping, overall good packaging (could be packaged a little better), excellent prices especially if you take advantage of the various offers. Definitely recommended.
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5★ - One of my be-loved websites to purchase figures
TOM is one of my top-tier websites to purchase figures.

Although the price of items are about 20~30% higher than other competitors, they do provide free shipping for most orders ($150+) and usually have big sales for extra cashback for the next order.

In addition, their customer service is superior. They are friendly and response very fast.

However, they do have some drawbacks.
1. For pre-order, the items usually take another 3 months to ship from their US warehouse unless they ship from Japan.
2. You will have to pay full price in advance for pre-order.
3. They do not cooperate with Native, Skytube ..etc (18+ brands)

As long as you don't mind to pay in advance and wait for another 3 months (for pre-order only), this website should be one of the best among NA stores.
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