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  • jena ☆ mahou shoujo ☆
    Okay if you need to shop local.

    I've purchased from Tamarket at a convention and online. I find their prices to be fairly steep but that's always the case with Australian retailers with the import costs. Their shipping rates seemed a little on the high side but my package arrived safely in a sturdy box with foam beans protecting the box inside. If I need to buy online locally instead of online from Japanese stores I look at Tamarket first.
    9 anno/i fa
  • Very slow shipping.

    Recently brought Gift's Saber. Product range was decent with some rare/ old figures, but shipping is way too slow. Took 2 weeks to get my figure when I live in Melbourne, I'v had faster shipping from Japan using SAL.
    8 anno/i fa
  • Risayla ◔‸◔

    *Warning that they sell bootleg soundtracks, whether they still do or not I don't know because of that I do not recommend them.

    This used to be the only shop I would order from before finding out about others. My experience at the time was "okay". They would ship out my items in a satchel without any padding and half the time my boxes would be a bit mangled and sometimes I found out my items were already opened as well, I wouldn't have had a problem with this if that was in the description for the item. I haven't touched the store since so I don't know if their methods have changed or not.
    7 anno/i fa
  • Good

    I don't live in Australia, but the shipping was pretty fast (because of expensive shipping, you don't really get to choose) and my package arrived in one piece. Communication was also okay. Some items are second handed so if you want something new, you'd better decide carefully since whether a certain item is used or new won't be said.
    7 anno/i fa
  • Good but not Great. Would buy from again.

    Tamarket's prices are a little hit and miss. Most figmas appeared to be reasonably priced but I didn't really look to hard into other areas. They're still much higher than Japan but considering that these are non preorder items and that the store is based in Australia (God damn the costs of anime merchandise in our country) it's not so bad. Shipping is steep for a single item but when purchasing multiple items much more reasonable. Not to mention express was only an extra $3.50. Boxes and figures were in pristine condition. Would buy from again.
    6 anno/i fa
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