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    -This topic is for posting your monthly pre-orders as well as showing off your latest loot-

    Sorry for the barebones OP, I'm in a hurry this morning and will update later today.
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    Only thing I have preordered for March is Caster casual.


    Hopefully she isn't delayed.

    However I did add Jubei and Sen to the order last night.



    Now April... April is death.

    I also have recieved a few figures at the end of February that I need to take good pics of will post them when I can accomplish that.
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    March is awesome month of awesomeness!!

    First we have Captain Shiny, I mean Phasma, this one from Koto, 1/10th scale is shit, but sooo shiny:


    Next up is Momohime and she was pre-paid with BIJ a long time ago so it's almost like she'll be free:

    Then we have Bestia Hestia, who I might not actually pay for, I pre-ordered with NY and after reading up on their latest ways to fuck over customers I won't know if I'll risk paying them or not when the time comes until the time comes. If I don't get this Hestia I won't get one though:

    Spider-man PF, while the first batch notices have gone out (and I wasn't on it :( ) the second batch is supposed to happen in mid march, fingers crossed I'll be in the batch:

    Kier PF, finally after all these years ( OK year and a half) she's coming out, but I had her on flex pay and don't know if I'll be getting her this month or next month because of that. Finger's crossed again.

    Edit: Scratch that last thing I just got my final flex notice from Sideshow Kier's getting charged on the 4th!!! BOOM!!!
    -Baka Zeitgeist
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    Nothing on order for this month since I'm saving for April... o_o

    That said, I have a couple of figures I picked up at the end of February which will hopefully be here by week's end.

    Awoken Hera-Ur (Puzzle & Dragons, Good Smile Company / Phat Company)


    Lynette Bishop (Strike Witches, Alter)

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    No pre-orders for me this month!!!

    Well actually that's not true, I have the Teto nendo I no longer want but it's part of a GSC order that is already partially fulfilled. I plan on reselling her directly.
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    My preorders for this month:

    TCG Fire Emblem Cipher Starter Deck "Genei Hen" Pack(Pre-order)
    TCG Fire Emblem Cipher Booster Pack "Kirameki Gensou" 16Pack BOX(Pre-order)
    PS Vita Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- X(Pre-order)
    Wii U The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD SPECIAL EDITION(Pre-order)
    PS4 DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune Collector's Edition
    Y-STYLE - To Love-Ru Darkness: Golden Darkness Yukata Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure(Pre-order)
    Nendoroid - Non Non Biyori Repeat: Hotaru Ichijo(Pre-order)
  • HobbyCentric
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    Just two pre-orders.

    ITEM #342758
    ITEM #370585

    That doesn't mean I haven't done myself any damage other ways though.......
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    c a s u a l c a s t e r
  • Luse666
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    Got the Rocky Horror Pops finally:


    Another bombshell print:


    Was at IKEA last night and bought a light to finish off the bottom of my REGISSÖR:


    At the top I used DIODER strips, and created and octopus tentacle mess that needed to be covered up, using black vinyl and grey foam tubing to hide the wires as best I could:


    That wouldn't have worked on the bottom, as all the lights and mess would be visible, so this time I took a cue from the PAX unit and I used a STRIBERG instead:

    -Baka Zeitgeist
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    Only one pre-order:

    Oboro Muramasa Momohime ITEM #313104

    My first order from NY, I hope that all go ok.
  • GaijinDensetsu
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    my march orders is all games:

    [GAME-0015337] [Bonus] PS4 DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune Collector's Edition
    late Mar-2016 12,500 JPY 1 12,500 JPY 125 Not in-stock

    [GAME-0015569] [Bonus] PS Vita Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- X
    late Mar-2016 6,380 JPY 1 6,380 JPY 64 Not in-stock

    I'm down to just two figure 4 figures incoming for the rest of the year, Fire Emblem Cordelia, GSC Sorceress, Tony Rin Kagamine, and the reprint of 1/8 scale zero suit samus.

    I'm basically out of display space so will probably be slowing down quite a bit in this hobby unless I can get rid of some stuff or find more storage for boxes.
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    Quiet month for me, just the Mercedes and Gwendolyn re-releases which is just fine by me. Spent far too much the last year so I'm looking to keep my orders to a minimum.
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    All I got is a Ryu amiibo. :P
  • cfx
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    Only preorder is Koto's Black Magician Girl ITEM #338779


    Have one thing on the way and one that came on 2/29 which I'll post when the first gets here.
  • Omegabalmung
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    Ikumi Mito from Shokugeki no Souma

  • ohmygoditsjrod
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  • Baka_Bishie
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    Well, Hera-Ur and Lynette showed up earlier than I anticipated. Hera Ur, despite the number of parts, was relatively easy to set up and the end result is spectacular!




    The level of detail and shading is much better than I expected from Phat Company, probably because of the amount of oversight GSC had on Hera-Ur. Regardless, she's enormous but worth all the room she takes up. :)

    Also, my "big figure" collection I'm building on the top of my display is really starting to come together!


    Sadly, I wanted to have Lynette set up as well, but unfortunately she happened to arrive with no base (how does that even happen), so I'll have to wait to get a replacement before I can put her with the rest of my Strike Witches. :/
  • HobbyCentric
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    I really like the contrast of Hera-Ur's blue skin against all the reds, oranges and yellows of the rest of her.....She's sharp.
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    I have no PO for this month however i'm still waiting one parcel with ITEM #329244 , ITEM #318687 , ITEM #361659 , ITEM #361654 and ITEM #274116 , ITEM #192445 , ITEM #266759 , ITEM #198411 the four sisters got pre owned item A box B, it was the only girls from Kantai Collection that i still wanted to get for the ones already released.

    I have also ITEM #153162 on the way. I got her pre owned but this time item A box A.

    Otherwise i bought ITEM #350329 , ITEM #350328 and ITEM #350333 on Yahoo auction and i would like to get ITEM #350335 but i didn't find her. If someone could help me because she seems impossible to find. Ok she's highly limited but it was also the case for ITEM #350333 which was more expensive than the regular version of Nami but at least easy to find so i don't understand.

    I think there are a lot of chances that Tsume open the PO for ITEM #345980 just after her announcement like they always do. They have to make a live stream this month to announce their new projects so i need to keep an eye out on their facebook because i know that it's often sold out really fast and i don't want to miss this statue of Robin.

    Last thing i saw that ITEM #172075 is going to be re released, unfortunately i didn't know it before and i missed the PO on amiami but hopefully he seems to be still available on HLJ www.hlj.com/cgi... for a decent price. But i'm not sure if i should PO him or not.

    I mean the figure looks awesome but i would like to get ITEM #158164 and ITEM #146105 so i'm wondering if Zoro and Luffy are going to be re released too because their prices are insane especially for Luffy.

    ITEM #103482 is going to be re released too (in fact it's when i saw him, that i have discovered that Sanji was also re released) but i'm not sure that i want this figure, the character is awesome and the pose is good but i'm not sure about his face.
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    Another fox to my collection; Nick from Zootopia.


    I plan to get Judy too in the near future.
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