Indonesian Collectoranyone into Video Games?

  • nuo2x2
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    well, I guessed almost everyone here love gaming...

    so, let's talk bout it a bit...
    what system/platform are you using right now?
    what's your favorite game series? your favorite genre? and so on...
    just talk bout anythin you'd like bout gaming

    I'll go first then, my favorite genres are fighting, first person shooting (light gun), and Bemani (Musical, I played the guitar & drum, but not really good at Keyboard)

    fav platform, the arcade

    my favorite games...
    Fighting: Guilty Gears series, Tekken series, Virtua Fighter series, Soul Blade, Arcana Hearth II, Rumble Fish...almost every 2D fighting game actually

    Light Gun: Time Crisis I, Jurassic Park II, House of The Dead I&II, Silent Hill Arcade, Silent Scope

    waiting for the next guys ^^
  • VodkA
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    i supposed i'm kinda into a lot~

    Adventure, RPG, FPS, Strategy, Racing, Fighting, ect

    well i had SNES, Game Gear, Playstation....now it changed into Wii, PSP, NDS, and the ol' mighty computah~

    mostly i kinda like horror games such as Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Clock Tower (which i cant played yet coz the cd is corrupted)

    well mostly anything...Too much to remember actually @_@

    including the online rpg games, last game i played was...Point Blank & Wonderland Online (tho not visiting them lately)

    the only online games i play often nowdays are the ones in Facebook...lol
  • windrue
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    hehehe kinda deserted here :D

    my system now are ps3 and pc, but i kind of miss good ol' ps1 game
    like ff7-9, or suikoden, my fav genre changes from rpg, driving,
    and now into fighting game, anyone waiting blazblue cs with nendo noel? :D
  • Shimapan
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    not really into games but been playing osu! lately XD
    "3 Melissa Seraphy make Shimapan's army" < QFT :)
  • animaster
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    I currently playing PSP and NDS, though I still love my good old PS2 (it's broken though).
    My fave genre are soccer games, RPGs and visual novel-styled games.
    And my most favorite games are:
    - Final Fantasy IV - IX, Final Fantasy Tactics
    - Tales series
    - Atelier series
    - Gyakuten Saiban series
    - Winning Eleven series
    - any games developed by STING

    Generally, I like the storyline aspect of a game rather than any other factor.
    If the story suits my taste, then I'll go for it (Winning Eleven series is an exception though).
    For graphical feature, I still prefer the old school 2D (or semi 3D) rather than full 3D. ^^
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  • Angel_T-Kanade
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    Since I don't have much money and just starting to collecting figures, so I'm highly depending pn my PC ~_~
    Thanks to the technology, I could play many games in my PC, including PS2 and other console games ^_^

    I'm more interested in PC doujin game such as Blood Over and ES (9thNight)
    Other's maybe just a PS2 games with japanese voice and english text (since I can't read japanese T_T) such as :
    - Mana Khemia
    - Disgaea 2
    - Persona 4
    - Suikoden
    - and other similar games ^^
  • louisuchiha
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    I only played a few games such as:

    - Ragnarok Online (IdRO) *RETIRED*
    - DotA Allstars
    - Counter Strike 1.6
    - Tekken 6
    - Need for Speed series
  • nuo2x2
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    Angel_T-KanadeSince I don't have much money and just starting to collecting figures, so I'm highly depending pn my PC ~_~

    hahahahaw, amen to that!! yeah, that's my problem as well, since I made a lot of sacrifice for the figures, I haven't got any next gen consoles until now... so, just depending on the arcade machines for my case then X D
  • dir0001
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    I play anything, anywhere, anyhow.
    The ones that I least often play are RTS games, kinda bad at it.

    But otherwise I like everything else :3
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  • louisuchiha
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    anybody plays valkyrie crusade?
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