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MFCFigure prices for the past 10 years

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    I have wondered how figure prices have changed over the years.

    So, I analysed some of the figure price changes over the past few years using data from MFC.
    I figure since i spent over 15+ hours on this. I should share it with the community.

    (sorry, MFC admins... I wont use a web crawler on MFC again).

    The data is not 100% accurate as MFC is a painful site to trawl data from.
    Some data points may be missing, but those that are present are 99.9% accurate.
    Also, the data is only from figures belonging to the "prepainted" group in MFC.
    Yeah... also my excel skills is not perfect so dont judge pls.

    So some conclusions for the graphs:
    1. On average, the figure prices have been rising at around 11 yen per day for the past 10 years
    2. On average, the figure prices have been rising at around 8 yen per day for the past 10 years for BIG companies (eg. alter,gsc,MF,Plum...)
    3. Figures with a larger scales (e.g the 1/6 & 1/4) is experiencing a greater increase of price than the 1/7& 1/8 figures
    4. 1/6 Figures prices seems to have reached a ceiling at the 25000 level for the past 6 years
    5. You can clearly see some of the figure companies portfolio mix over the years. and how they are concentrating on more profitable product lines. (e.g Wave and their 1/8 figures)
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