Tsumugi Kotobuki ClubWhat do you like about Mugi?

  • Tenma
    TenmaThe Idolm@sterModerator • lv34
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    10 anno/i fa
    I really like her princess like personality and her kindness
  • Osasaki
    OsasakiHomu HomuRegular Boarder • lv16
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    10 anno/i fa • Aggiornato 10 anno/i fa
    Ditto!! x3 <----- has a weakness for ojou-samas
  • Ashlotte
    AshlotteFull-time ReviewerVery Important Boarder • lv23
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    Aye...Different people have different kinds of Moe...Some of mine just happens to be unique character designs and ojous instead of cosplay rape and crying faces. :p
    "There are some people who live in a dream world,
    and there are some who face reality;
    and then there are those who turn one into the other."

  • cioudrunnerfiute
    cioudrunnerfiuteFound Holy Grail & QuitVery Important Boarder • lv18
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    10 anno/i fa
    I love how she's so rich but she tries so hard to be normal~ xD
  • fama226
    fama226Micronize meVery Important Boarder • lv24
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    10 anno/i fa
    Her innocence when it comes to typical everyday interactions, from simple fast food to a stay at the beach, all her personal inferences are always a pleasure to watch, not to mention that she supplies all that heavenly cake and tea to the rest of the group, and most importantly: EYEBROWS OF SHEER GRANDEUR.
    -Walking the path of romance, the one who will unite all-
  • ILoveWammy
    ILoveWammyRegular Boarder • lv17
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    10 anno/i fa
    Her cuteness, her personality, and her "Trying new not-rich-people things". OH! AND HER NENDOROID AND FIGMA!
  • Nandeyanen
    NandeyanenRegular Boarder • lv14
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    10 anno/i fa
    How she's like the 'healing character' of the K-On! girls! :D
    Ara ara ufufu~
  • spasepeepole026
    spasepeepole026Regular Boarder • lv22
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    10 anno/i fa
    She's sweet and kind, and she's really cute :) She's an all-round good person.
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  • itachi377
    itachi377Regular Boarder • lv13
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    10 anno/i fa
    HER MONEY. ;)
  • kilani
    kilaniSayaka RankPuella Magi • lv36
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    10 anno/i fa
    Her eyebrows |3

    Okay and her sweetness, love for "girl's love", and how she tries to be as normal as possible even though she's so rich.. like taking a normal job ^^ Mugi is amazing!
  • Yves
    YvesVery Important Boarder • lv15
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    10 anno/i fa

    ...but she is such a sweety, the kind of girl you would like to befriend.
  • nekonekosan
    nekonekosanRegular Boarder • lv11
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    10 anno/i fa
  • superchan
    superchanRegular Boarder • lv15
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    10 anno/i fa
    her blond hair ....
  • taki1
    taki1Regular Boarder • lv15
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    9 anno/i fa • Aggiornato 9 anno/i fa
    Her willingness to try anything.
  • Hint
    HintRegular Boarder • lv11
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    7 anno/i fa
    i like Mugi-chan because she is just so cute , kind and baka :">
  • Hint
    HintRegular Boarder • lv11
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    7 anno/i fa
    Yves10 anno/i faDEM BROWS

    ...but she is such a sweety, the kind of girl you would like to befriend.

    agree ~!
  • AOS-
    AOS-Regular Boarder • lv16
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    Hairstyle that comes along with the sailor hat. And blonde hair.

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