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Chogokin CollectorsSuper Robot Chogokin - your thoughts? Wishes?

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  • HarmanSm1thVery Important Boarder
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    So far, this seems like a slightly pricier extension of the Robot Damashii line of figures, with perhaps some nods to VF HI-METAL and S.H.Figuarts in the likely minimal use of diecast parts. It's so middling I can't tell whether to be excited or not, but the Mazingers are looking very good.

    If this subline stays alive. I'd like to see Yuusha series entered, definitely. I'd buy almost all GaoGaiGar entries, and I'd nearly kill for a J-Decker or Da Garn X.
  • shinotakingRegular Boarder
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    I would like to see a zeroymer and an srx , may be a astranagan and di atranagan too .
    I'm agree with HarmanSm1th too if they make a gaogaigar and a j-ark i'll buy them in a instant
  • tlm_prRegular Boarder
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    I got Mazinger Z with the add-on and I LOVE this thing. The Die-cast is limited to the chest, thigh joints and shins but its such a solid figure at a really affordable price.

    I hope they do the Getters and other mechas in time.
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