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    Here's a place to dump any disability headcannons you have rolling around in your brain, just for the hell of it~!

    No judgements, go as hard as you want to
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    As an fanfic enthusiast and general daydreamer, I have a ton of these I like to mull around! The main series that's been taking hold of my brain for a while has been My Hero, as I feel like the concept of "quirk drawbacks" the series puts forth gives me a lot of ideas to work with (beyond the variety the anime already provides)! so that's where I'll start

    - ENTRY #95548 I ascribe to the popular fanon of Katsuki being hard of hearing due to his quirk's explosions (which lends help to the fact that he's always, well, yelling). I love seeing this explored in fic, plus there's the added idea that hearing aids would only be so helpful to him since they would end up being overloaded with feedback by his quirk as well. Interesting challenges to adapt to.

    - ENTRY #95553 I feel like if her quirk gives her such persistent, intense nausea that she regularly vomits while using it, then I would think that using it at the frequency she does, she'd end up with chronic stomach issues, similar to Aoyama. Probably damage to her stomach lining, ulcers possibly. Coincidentally she already has pronounced, chubby cheeks, which is a common symptom of damaged salivary glands from frequent vomiting--I doubt this was intentional, though.

    - ENTRY #96745 I give her the headcannon that her over-sensitive hearing would lead to sensory overload and migraines. She avoids crowds, but loves concerts--I picture her going to rock shows wearing some really good noise-cancelling headphones, just so she can feel the beat and enjoy the atmosphere. She'd probably have to sleep in them, too.

    - ENTRY #96743 I figure his quirk as being ataxic, effecting his brain and nervous system significantly over time. He already has some tells for a learning disability, but I'd add that his quirk would end up tingling or numbing the parts of his body it commonly exits through (namely hands and feet). Possibly losses to motor control as well. And I guess throw in some lichtenberg figures, if you're into cool scars

    - ENTRY #96744 is a fairly quiet guy who may or may not have a mouth on his face (my money is on he doesn't). I headcannon that part of why he speaks infrequently is because signals travelling from his brain to the temporary mouth he would create on one of his arms don't relay smoothly, and he actually struggles with aphasia. I also headcannon that he wasn't born with a mouth (the arms separated later), so he would've been mute and begun learning sign before later learning conventional speech.

    ENTRY #96747 Momo's quirk would probably give her hyperphagia and/or hyperthyroidism, due to how erratically her quirk changes the fat distribution in her body and how it already relies on excessive consumption to maintain.

    ENTRY #96761 Since Tokoyami has the brain of a man inside the head of a bird, and therefore binocular vision, I interpret him as essentially dealing with amblyopia. Which isn't exactly a disability in day to day life, but would present issues for a hero. I have it myself and just like the idea of him using dark shadow to compensate for the temporary blindspots his own head would make. Also, insomnia. Because of course dark shadow wants to stay up all night.
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    i have a few i'd like to talk about...

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Spoilers
    View spoilerHide spoilerThis hc is courtsey of Frankenbug's streams!
    ENTRY #2622 would use a cane post-KH2 due to the damage he sustains to his leg during the end of the game

    not hcs but they aren't in this database (unless gsc wants to make some bugsnax or psychonauts nendoroids. smile.)
    Floofty Fizzlebean from Bugsnax uses a leg prosthetic! (they're also nonbinary)
    Morris Martinez from Psychonauts 2 uses a wheelchair type vehicle to get around
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