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    Is anyone else annoyed at having hardly anything new come up of our favourite character?

    I mean, the last proper figure of her was the Summer one by Alter. That's been all she's got for ages, and she's not got that many figures compared to Saber. One Nendoroid proper as well, as opposed to Saber's six, and just not much happening on her side of things.

    As much as I like Saber, I think she's far too much in the spotlight, and Rin barely gets anything compared to her. Of course, the likes of Taiga and Caster get crap, but Rin is quite popular and still isn't represented very much.

    Anyway, that's just my take on this...what's yours?
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    First, there was also the figure from GSC, ITEM #26700

    Second, there are a ton of figures for Rin out there. After so many years we're lucky she's still getting releases like the ones released by ALTER and GSC. I doubt we'll see any more and I wouldn't expect much more.

    Maybe if they make a Heaven's Feel movie we'll see another figure.
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