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Sword Art Online (SAO)Favorite SAO Character

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  • wizzieRegular Boarder
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    1: Yui
    2: Asuna
    3: Silica
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    Asuna used to be my fave, but with the new season she is slowly going downwards my list. I feel like she lost her lively characteristics , she had during first part of season 1, such a shame. She has gotten really boring and like an old lady. Sinon is probably my new favourite character.
  • Cr4zyDuckRegular Boarder
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    1) Asuna of course.

    She'll always be my favorite character of the show, though in the second season I was really disappointed to see that she wasn't in the mainstream scenes like she used to be during the first one. Like for GGO's arc, she may had apparead about 2 times in more than 14 episodes ! While back to the previous season, she was always at the center of the mainstory, with epic fight in couple with Kirito...
    Now, she has changed her avatar, and she doesn't fight like she used to be...
    I truely hope that for the 3rd season, she's going to regain her place of main female character of the show, and once again become a badass fighter as she used to be in the KOB's guild.

    2) Silica

    To me, this character has the potential to be way more developped than it actually is. It's one of the first friends Kirito did met during SAO's events (during 4th ep I think). I personnaly really feel bad about her, because she was one the first character to be introduced in the show and she's now the one of their team who's the most stepped aside. Same as Asuna, I hope to see her way more in season 3, she deserve it... please stop with boring character like Leafa (argh, I hate her...) or Sinon (well, she's not that bad but I still don't like her). Gentlemen, think about using your former character before intrudcing new ones please... it's truely a pain in the ass for us, fans of thoses character, to see them being ranked as minor character...

    3) Yui

    Why ? Simply because she is incredibly cute. And I loved the couple of episodes where they used to be a family with Kirito and Asuna. Hopefully she's still in the main scenes, hope it will keep this up on season 3.

    (4) Klein)

    Yeah, for this one I prefere a boy rather than a girl, I surprised myself... anyaway, he was the really first character to be introduced in the show, and the first friend of Kirito. Again, same as Asuna and Silica... he needs to be way more highlighted. But personnaly, he also makes me laugh. His personnality is pretty good, and the voice of his Seiyu is really fun.
  • EsvaldForceswoopRegular Boarder
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    I msut disappoint you as I read the timeline of SAO's events. For teh 3rd season, it will most likely take place in Underworld Online with Kirito and brand new characters as main. However if you are aptient enough, I think Asuna will eventually get to main again(if I recall it correctly).
    I see neither were you happy about she's getting into a support character in ALO. Neither do I. I liked her as a fighter better than a healer.
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    I adore Leafa <3
    But I like Sinon too, or Yuuki, and, of course, Kirito.
  • BrianRevyRegular Boarder
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    #1 Yui
    #2 Asuna Yuuki
    #3 Kirito
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