• if you sell your figure do you have to delete it from your owned collection or no ?
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    Abicion3 anno/i fa#15967416That's a whole lot of Mikus.

    Yep~ Big big Miku Fan~ :3
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    Abicion4 anno/i fa#14947849Your avatar is the squishy girl.

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    lusciouscookies left shark
    Abicion4 anno/i fa#15038003Your username makes me hungry.

    You can have as many cookies as you want ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    How's the meme life?
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    Hi Abby.
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    Abicion4 anno/i fa#11728712So bouncy.

    Haha, yeah.

    Bounciness at its finest.
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    Abicion4 anno/i fa#11048514dude
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    Abicion4 anno/i fa#8956376Attention fellow MFC people: This user does not approve of Velvet's butt.

    I don't approve of the cast off nature, the fan service, and the horrible layout of the whole piece. I don't know how Alter decided it was a good idea to sculpt a character then completely hide their face from the main viewing angle. Completely stupid, and a waste. Plus I'm not sure they could make Velvet look any more lifeless.

    I'm a big fan of Odin Sphere so it makes it so much worse. I am upset that Velvet is like this, I hate that I can't have a full trio as I'm sure they'd look nice together but I refuse to buy something I don't want just to complete a set. It's BS.
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    Abicion6 anno/i fa#2213618The only thing that kind of bugs me about the figure is something you can't really see in the pictures. She has really anorexic ankles. The entire lower part of her legs (from her knee down to her sock-warmer-whatever-it's-called-cheerleader-thinger) is sculpted with a really sharp angle, like her bone is coming through her skin. It's weird.

    I can kinda see what you mean, urgh she is not worth the price they are asking, I will continue to wait to see if I can get her on sale- and hopefully I won't miss out on stock.
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