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  • Hi! I know we had a few conversations before, so I am finally brave enough to send you a FR. Have a lovely day and here's a free Miku!
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    Kotone bunny right now isn’t as much as other figure. maybe u can go ahead and make the purchased. But she will be a bit lonely without Erika bunny or u can wait for Nitra yui bunny also. native/binding figure is the best...
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    Hi, glad u have made a decision to get momo bunny cause u cancel anytime from now til before the release date.
    Since Erika is ur favorite character, why won’t u order her too ? Especially Erika bunny at 1/4 scale, it will look amazing at ur desk or by your computer...

    Ami ami Erika bunny cost the same as buying brand new on lunar store, think is 40 dollar difference. Shipping form Japan now is very expensive due to covid19.

    Hm.. we will see if I might open one figure and display it, but once I open, It isn’t new/unopen...
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    Hi, still I do recommend u preorder mono bunny, even if u change ur mind before December then u can cancel it or regert it later and trying to buy it at 2X the price.

    I may sell +/- 30% of what I have later on just to make space, I may open a few cause I do have double and triple on some of the figure, I did preorder 3 Erika bunny but decide I cancel two and just keep 1 instead, kinda regert it though... reason is I can open one and have second seal/unopen.
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    Hi I’m sorry on Hatsune miku bunny 1/4 scale, I did some search for u, every where is sold out and the new one are available at a higher price 700+, is too expensive and way over price for her, I recommend stay away or be prepare to burn your wallet if she is ur gotta have it bunny figure... the 3rd choice is preorder mono bunny to easy ur wallet.

    Eventually u will run out of room even if u have ur own place so choice ur figure wisely, bunny figure is way to go even if u ask me ;p

    99% of My entire collection of figures is never open/ original sealed, only one bunny figure I received it’s seal seem to be temple with so I open it up and inspect just to check it, one of the 1/7 figure box have slightly/ very minor box damage, and 3 figure was borrowed off on my figure collection.com, the previous owner said is new/unopened, so I inspect the box when I receive it but not open the box seals.
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    Hello! I keep on liking your optimism, but..NO! :D Government is all closed, try again in a month? :P But at least with the things we have in control ourselves, like the apartment, it's going well. :) Our floorplans are pretty simple, the apartment is very similar in shape and size as the place we have lived in, in the Netherlands. So right now we are trying to put furniture in the same way and then we'll see when stuff is further unboxed/assembled if it worked out. ^^ We might have to get rid of some of the furniture, especially bigger wardrobes we have.

    Yeah I've unfortunately seen the news about the lockdown-protesters, together with similar news articles of the 1920's of the protestors back then...history repeats itself. With how the current situation looks it seems like Europe and Asia are recovering, but this situation might take longer in the USA...

    Sounds good! I hope your situation with work can stay that way. :) And also good to read you have your dog and partner, man, your dog must really love you right now for being at home all day, huh? :D

    And yeah, this week has been better, but it's still tiresome. There is really no way to think of how to improve this situation, except for looking forward to working in an office again. Things indeed take longer and that also makes me a bit scared as I'm new to the company and I don't want my new employer to think that I am slow/lazy. :(

    Most of my face to face customer service jobs have been quite nice (including server and shop work), of course have your shitty people, but nice people can really make up for it. But there is something about phone customer service/call center that makes a lot of people think there are no limits in behavior because you can 'hide' in semi-anonymity. Secret shopper jobs are not popular? Where I'm from they are harder to find and if they come up, the pay is absurdly low, that you get paid per restaurant/shop you check for example, and not for the amount of hours worked. Resulting in getting paid way below minimum wage because you are 'a freelancer working on an assignment'. I've seen stuff like getting paid ~$25 for what is ~5 hours of shopping/browsing, ~5 hours of documentation and not even counting the travel time and gas/public transport which you have to pay for yourself as well. Oh and you had to pay for the shopping/eating yourself and only got refunded if you boss found your reports good enough. :I So if you did badly you could even be in the minus.

    Unfortunately I have worked a lot of those jobs (thinking about earning bonuses or it helping me in my career to let them walk all over me), not worth it. Luckily in Finland the rules are a lot stricter of what your company is allowed to do. I have a job right now where there is always more hours of work than my hours in a day and they let me freely choose how I do it: Work a longer week and take the next week a bit off, work a bit more and count them up to use as vacation time later etc. And there are specific maximum plus/minus rules so you don't go into the extreme. It sounds like a good system where if you indeed 'need to stay a bit more to finish something up', it's possible, but the chance of overworking yourself seems a lot smaller. And everything can get used later as vacation!

    Yeah, so many costumes have weird details that you don't find out about until you go completely in depth into a design. It really makes you appreciate the character design even more. :) And I've heard the same in person, that when people saw my Calne from up close they were like 'woah, I didn't think it had so much details when I saw it earlier and/or saw a picture on the internet'. I was happily surprised at how chill the German people were about it. I'm sure that here in Finland there would be a lot of staring, maybe even more than in the Netherlands.

    Oh boy, sit down for a long story! So, my parents gave me a hard-to-pronounce name which has basically haunted me since a young age (yes, this story will be about lemurs later). When I was about 10 years old I visited a zoo and they had a new animal type: ringed tail lemurs! I've never heard of them, and they were described to me as 'some kind of monkey'. As most of my monkey-related reference was chimpanzees and the like, I wasn't expecting to see these ADORABLE FURRY ANIMALS WITH LONG AND ELEGANT TAILS. It was love at first sight. I had never seen an animal like it before. Then in Dutch, lemur = maki. 'Maki' is a way my complicated name can be shortened to as well, so boom! From that day on I started demanding people to call me 'maki', haha! And it actually caught on as my real name is so complicated, everyone started preferring this (including family). Now, the reason for the misspelling...I was young and didn't realize I was spelling it wrong for 2 years! When I finally found out, I had been using 'Maakie' so much, that I just stuck to it, it also makes the name more unique while keeping the pronunciation the same. Nowadays I only use my real name if it's for some kind of official document and I really use Maakie as my first name.

    Maybe it's safe to cancel everything in 2020, because I have been noticing that a lot of places are creeping their events forward by only a couple of months, which is...a gamble. Then everyone keeps on pushing forward and forward, while it may be better to just push it a whole year away.

    Wow! Such a beautiful picture! I can't imagine that you actually work in a place with such an area! So different from the wet (the Netherlands) and cold (Finland) countries I've lived in! And that other picture is so pretty as well! Are the areas close to eachother or do you live at different places during the year for your work? They seem like other countries, even!

    LOL, America is all about all-you-can-eat, but with the current world situation I think it will take a long time before I dare to eat at any buffet-style place again. :x

    A joke that people make over here is "The French hate everyone, even themselves.". xD Which is true in a sense, but hrmm, I guess it's more like they seem a lot more moody, especially the people in bigger cities. I've been in the French countryside and the south and the people are very kind over there! I would not avoid all of France, but rather avoid the big cities, Paris is not as pretty as people say it is.

    Heh, that's funny to hear, because for me tulips are so normalized, LOL. I grew up in a city with a high amount of tourism and gift shops filled with wooden tulips, haha. So it's always hard for me to imagine that people would like to come to the Netherlands for something I used to see every day. xD

    Yeah apparently it's a pretty strict process with PayPal because of the taxes and purchase rules in every different country. It took very long before I was allowed to re-open my PayPal in Finland. I was on a temporary address so it wasn't like I wanted to go shopping (even before pandemic hit), but it's annoying when you don't have this kind of payment option for emergencies (especially because I was also waiting to be able to get a credit card, so I had nothing but my Dutch bank account with my last bit of savings).

    I don't even have a bath in my new apartment LOL. But our bathroom sink is very big, so I got a nice place to display them on ready!
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    Hi, thank you... so u can get Hatsune Bunny and mono bunny also, then no regret of not preorder when the price isn’t high.
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    You're welcome!
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    hi, any Momo figure is very good, especially momo bunny, momo darkness is good also,
    if u could then get Hatsune bunny also, yes this figure hobby is very expensive.

    i think i could sell about 35 figure of what i had, i got them though a impulse buy ;p
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    Oh but I do want to also invest in a light box for traditional animation it is probably my favourite way of drawing too but it takes as long as digital r.i.p my fingers and time when I do either one(I swear time goes faster when you draw though)
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