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    I wanted to respond to you sooner but got caught up with work and yesterday I came home with a massive headache and nausea and ended up crashing for over 12 hours. That's what happens when I forget to take two of my medications. :/ I will try to respond to your PM soon.
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    I'm no GK artist to speak on this but from watching other gk artists work and talk about some similar processes, you might be able to use a putty to meld the broken bang piece back onto the main piece? Or a 2-part epoxy glue applied with a needle point then carefully sand it if the glue seeps and leaves any texture after a 24-hour cure time?

    Either way good luck!!!
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    How is your day going?
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    You're very welcome! I do worry about you sometimes. ^^

    Ah, you lurk on MFC from time to time? Sometimes I do that I well, but I can't resist interacting with people on this site and doing other stuff to be a more active member. ^^'

    Well, sometimes replying to people can take a while if you have mini paragraphs to respond too. One of my other friends on MFC literately sends me a mini essay with every reply that he sends my way via DM's. I love reading his replies, but typing my replies back makes me cry. :') It takes me a few days to finish typing each reply that I send to him, lmfao! XD

    If you have a backlog of comments that you have yet to respond to, you could answer one or two per day if they're short. If these comments are mini paragraphs, or, god forbid, mini essays, I recommend typing your reply out to those over the course of a few days. :D
    I know ALL about how much times flies when you think that you're just gonna browse the internet for a short while. XD A simple 5 minutes can turn into 5 hours or more!

    Oof, you went onto Twitter recently? Twitter is a rather toxic place in general nowadays, I don't recommend going onto site unless you want to read about the latest petty drama that's going on an want a good laugh. What did you read on Twitter that made you terribly upset?
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    Heya my boo!

    I hope that things are getting better for you. I haven't head from you in 4 days now. I hope to chat with you again sometime this month, but if you still need to spend some time offline, I understand. ^^
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    Oh I love Nendoroids! and the Kanna figure is really cute. I like how the character isn't super thin like most female characters. It's really nice to see more diversity in body types. Even if characters are fictional, diversity and representation still matters.
    Homura is cool.
    I love BIG figures. I had my eyes on the Madoka but I decided not to buy her. Maybe I will change my mind later, but I do want to prioritize collecting my absolute favorite characters. Sometimes I'll sell things from my collection but regardless, it keeps growing. I don't want to run out of space, and I need to enjoy what I already have as well. I started prioritizing what I get tattooed as well.

    Is there anything else that's been bothering you? I assume work isn't the sole cause but it just makes everything worse?

    Taking a break is always okay. It sounds like it won't be forever, but that's okay too. I hope you love your new figures.
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    Still thinking of you! I am always hoping you are ok <3
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    Hi! I don't know who you are but saw your status update and it caught me off guard. If you want to talk about figures and stuff, I'd be happy to.
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    I don't think that people are made at you for the comments that you made on the article. If anything, I would say that a lot of people were somewhat confused about them.

    If anything, the article was getting rather heated since some guys are still surprisingly sexist in 2021.I think if things continue to get heated that way, Dumbchihuahua will take down the article as they tend to do that when things get a bit too heated. Personally, I don't think that you have to report your own comments to get them deleted. Your posts don't seems to be bothering anyone on the article as I say before. However, if your comments being there really bother you, you can delete what you typed via edit mode and just put a semicolon or a period instead.
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