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  • Kyoudokuro7 anno/i fa#1758544That's Cool~ which one is your favourite? I'm not really into Mecha, but gundam seed was awesome.
    I've only watched Seed and 00 though.

    Can't say I have a favorite, but I have tons of parts to custom build my own Gundam which is always nice.
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    Kyoudokuro7 anno/i fa#1758469heya, thanks for accepting my FR.
    you have a quite a collection of gundam there ^^

    I started collecting 1/144 HGs when Seed first came out and I kinda never stopped accumulating them.
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    Hi! Thanks for your FR ^^ Have fun here :D
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    Kyoudokuro7 anno/i fa#1758367hi~ thanks for accepting my FR ^^
    Cool one piece collection you have there!

    Hai! No probs! Thank you! ^.^ you have quite the collection too. :)
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    Kyoudokuro7 anno/i fa#1758260Hi, thanks for accepting! did you just started collecting figure recently too?

    Yeah just started in May this year.
    But the collection grew quite fast.
    It is an addiction now haha.
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    Or maybe personal preferences? I enjoy nendoroids due to their posability but the problem is although there are approx 400 varieties, but still like not enough ^_^||Kyoudokuro7 anno/i fa#1758350Yeaa ^^; i guess we're are too spoiled by quality =x
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    Sometimes, when other companies make chibis, they just somehow give out a weird aura dont they?Kyoudokuro7 anno/i fa#1758326They just might ^^ it's a pretty popular series.
    There already is a trading figure for it, but i find it not good enough to buy.
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    Kyoudokuro7 anno/i fa#1757969Where do you usually buy figures from?

    Usually from amiami, seldom local, but I do buy from local retailers too. Latendo mostly. What about you?
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    I would be happy enough even if they only released petites of the characters >.<Kyoudokuro7 anno/i fa#1758312ahh no spoilers ><
    mmm i havent played the games yet, it seems a lot better than the anime.
    Are there english translation for the 2nd game yet? Hopefully GSC will
    make more nendoroids for dangan ronpa XD wishing for kirigiri, fujisaki & nanami.
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    Oh, but the first death in SDR2 is the best! Omg! (Shant spoiler here)Kyoudokuro7 anno/i fa#1758274Im actually pretty scared of him, dunno why haha XD
    i guess maybe just looking at him reminded me of the punishments x.x
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