• LunarSkye3 anno/i fa#24240236Yeah and who tf are you again I don't recall
    koiiIII nO pls u are the vinegar to my chips dont do this
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    LunarSkye4 anno/i fa#6519444Knowing Aquamarine, ONE would probably be around 9k or so. Not too bad but not amazing either. I guess figure prices have been rising as of late anyway.
    But I do remember exactly how the whole Vocaloid thing happened for me. It was back in 2008, when I watched a music video of an old MMORPG called Maplestory, set to Triple Baka. I know, great song for a first Vocaloid song. I searched out the original song and it just escalated from there. Then I took a break for about 5 months in 2010 and just randomly decided to pick it back up.
    But who are your favorite Vocaloids? Favorite producers?
    Other than IA, I really like Gumi, Rin/Len,
    Luka, Nekomura Iroha, and vflower.
    There are so many good producers I can't choose just one, so here are a few I guess (・∀・)
    I would have to say Giga-P is my absolute favorite, with his stupidly catchy and upbeat songs. I have never listened to a song by him that I don't like. not to mention he's a really good singer
    Jesus-P comes in a close second because I love her chiptune-influenced music, especially her Rin/Len stuff.
    DECO*27's music is quite good too. I tend to like his more "punk-y" music (e.g. Ghost Rule, Streaming Heart, and Anti-Beat) than his slower love songs, but I find myself liking his slower songs every so often.
    Pinnocchio-P makes extraordinarily interesting songs with a well-told story or moral behind them. His lyrics are amazing. Not too cryptic, but open to interpretation a lot of the time. I can talk about analyzing his songs all day.
    Kikuo is the same way. His lyrics are more confusing than Pinnocchio, and I can't analyze them as easily (⌒-⌒; ) But even if you don't know the full meaning behind his songs, you can always tell that it's something dark. But Kikuo has a nice juxtaposition to his dark lyrics with really light-hearted-sounding music.
    MARETU is someone I've been listening to pretty recently, and people compare his lyrics to Kikuo a lot because of how dark they are. His music is a little intense and always has a kind of "circus-y" feel to it. I really can't explain it. The best example of the whole circus thing is in his song Nounai Kakumei Girl. His songs are really good, but his lyrics can be a bit much sometimes.
    Sorry for rambling on (;・∀・) I could talk about this for a long time.

    here i am replying i like lots of vocaloids and lots of producers we have probably talked about it by now there pls forgive me i love u lots XXXXXX
    3 anno/i fa
    So yes the past 2 or 3 weeks have been p crazy since finals week and all that. But it's all done now! Never mind the fact that I probably bombed my math final the year is over and there's no use fretting about the past aha... ha...
    More choir updates! No one gets sick of those, right?!
    So there's this thing in my school's choir that's basically like the student council but only for choir and with less power than the actual student council. I applied for a VP position and got in! Next year choir is gonna be hella LIT
    Although maybe it wasn't a good idea to apply since now I'll actually have responsibilities and duties and work orz
    I'm still broke as balls but I did manage to get some nice things from the trip! Not loot blog worthy per se, but I got some p cool things, most notably the very long Persona 5 OST and the very long Persona 5 art book because ahaha...
    But now I can't just go off and buy a whole mess of stuff anymore since I'll be in Saving Mode™ to prepare to pay for Stars Bless You Sakura in August
    Yeah I've gotten pretty out of figure collecting as of late. I guess I've mostly been spending most of my money on mobage? Whoops maybe it's better to spend money on physical merch than digital stuff lol
    Recently I've been on the hunt for a part-time job though and it's a struggle™ since nowhere close enough is hiring really. I got super close to landing a job with a new donut store that just opened up last month but I called them and they said, and I quote, "We already have enough people working right now... But we'll keep your application on hand. Just the fact that you called about it says something good about your character." I know I should take that as a potentially good thing but I feel like it's just a polite way of saying "Yeah, no. You're not hired and we're forgetting about your application" lol
    If you need anything else on mobage you should totally hmu because I'm way waaaayy deeper into mobage hell than I should be
    Also I've been wondering about this for a while, but do you have something like LINE or Discord that we could use to chat? I like our long back-and-forth messages since it feels like we're pen-pals but sometimes I find myself too busy/lazy to reply in one huge thing lol

    im sorry i didnt take your "long message typing" advice because i accidentally exited out of the mfc tab and had to write those first 2 paragraphs again i

    well the joke's obviously on you so jk ilu


    Only nerds care about math so not us, you're good!! Sorry to hear it was so stressful ;^; hope you've had / have ahead of you a few days of just vegetating in your room!

    I actually really don't :D
    OMG CONGRAAATS!!! It's never wrong to have responsibility/work when it's something you love doing, that's actually a great way to get used to doing that before it starts being unpleasant things! You'll do a fantastic job and I hope you have lots of fun! Also some may call you senpai.

    That figure is such a beast, congrats on getting her! As for me... I'm actually down to only collect from one franchise with literally only 3 upcoming exceptions / a few grails I might as well never get, UNLESS I START ANOTHER SET WHICH I'M SO TEMPTED TO DO DONT LET MEEEE
    So yeah, I'm the same as you when it comes to figures buuut won't count my chickens before they hatch lol

    Sorry to hear about those shitty donut shop workers! Searching for a part-time job can be so utterly ridiculous. It took me months to find one, and I don't even live in a small city or anything. Definitely don't throw yourself away for these sorta thing, the money you get for the work you do is unfair for part-timers most of the time since they take advantage of those who really need it and don't have many experiences of jobs were it was better, so if anything is really below your level, don't feel lazy/arrogant/bad in anyway for not accepting it!

    Fun fact I can't stop pronouncing mobage like mow-badge even though I'm perfectly aware of the correct pronounciation I'm sorry

    Oh GOD yes, if you wouldn't have I probably would've asked you the same in this message haha. I'll write you am PM!
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    LunarSkye3 anno/i fa#19072457View spoilerHide spoilerHere's to another year. A toast!
    I see your 3 memes and raise you 4
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    Ready for another choir update lol I swear I have a new one every time
    Aaaaand also we're taking our annual New York trip next week. I won't be able to make a Kinokuniya haul post this time because I have zero money lol
    Yeah man I know the feeeeel
    I've been watching a whole lot less anime and reading less manga too. And my figure PO list has been dwindling lately, partially because I have no money anymore, and partially because there's just been nothing interesting to me lately. I think it might be happening due to some MFC user drama on my end too but it's probably mostly because I've just been spending every waking moment on mobage
    aaaaand im falling behind on anime this season again sssshhhh
    Did you just ask me for mobage recs
    My man you have no idea what you just started
    Also for some reason MFC didn't save all of this the first time I sent this comment so now I have to type it... all over.,, again.,.,.
    The one I'm most invested in is The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage (aka deresute). It's your average card-collecting rhythm idol game, but I think the thing that keeps me the most invested are the visuals. All the art is really nice and the whole game just has a nice polish and a nice look to it. Also they have these 3D animated MVs to play behind the rhythm game and it's seriously the best CGI anime I've ever seen. This is the only game I play with an all girls character cast lol the rest have all male casts
    Next is Ensemble Stars (aka enstars), which you might've heard of since it's really well-known in the weeb mobage community. It doesn't have any rhythm game elements; it's mainly a card collector and it's really heavily story-based. The story is good and there's a lot to read, but it's hard to get if you don't know Japanese, especially since nothing is fully-voiced
    A3! is another game with a similar concept and style to enstars, they're just actors instead of idols
    Band Yarouze! (banyaro) has rhythm elements, but it may be harder to get into because it doesn't have the same polish as other mobage. But the music is really good and there's something I find charming about its rough edges and small fanbase lol
    And I just started playing Yumeiro Cast (yumecast) really recently, so I can't say much about it, but I can say that the music and art is nice. It also has rhythm elements, and I think it may also have some otoge elements too?
    You may want to look all of these up to get a better feel for them because I suck ass at explaining these kinda things lolol
    Also there are some other games I'm looking forward to, but they're not out yet so I can't say anything about them lol

    LunarSkyeAnd I don't play otoge too much anymore but you should totally check out My Horse Prince 10/10 really good game
    My friend I know the classics at least

    Those memes were so dank I- I-i-i- think I-
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://fs5.directupload.net/images/170401/7xp6mkf6.jpg

    I'm sorry you're so broke lol I hope the trip was enjoyable nonetheless...? And maybe that you bought sth nice it just wasn't loot-blog-worthy? :D

    Omg I'm the same on everything. Well so basically, at the beginning of last year I thought/learned that I would only get student's financial aid (which is my entire income) until Oct '16, but I found a loophole and could delay that until this year's October but there's no way around that now. So this time last year, I was still thinking I wouldn't get any more money starting October, and I'm in the same mindset right now too. But the way I go about that has completely changed? Last year I was buying figures like crazy at this time so I could finish my wishlist before I can't anymore etc etc; and now, I'm selling a bunch, preorder almost nothing at all, and I've written down other life goals for me on the Word document where I track my orders so they pop up first before I can even look at anything animu I spent money on. Life goals being 90% a nice apartment btw haha but there's so much to think of - I need furniture, I want to be able to pay a few months' rents from savings in case I don't get a job quickly, and I want to be able to care for pets that should never have to suffer bc I wasted money on something, then or in the past. But yeah so I have no money anymore soon-ish too but my interests have definitely changed, in both anime and figure collecting, and AGREE ON USER DRAMA i feel like MFC has changed a lot too and for the worse tbh. No-money is probably the least important reason for me to no longer like this site or hobby because I would be fine with talking about figures etc even with a smaller collection but the decrease of interest with increase of users and their contributions of any kind I don't like made my take a huge step back from it all.

    Ay thanks for the suggestions! I think the one that caught my eye the most is Yumeiro Cast but I'll look up them all *^* Still two more weeks of vacation that's a helluva lot time left! *^*
    Also i'm sorry MFC fucked you over there, personally I always type super long messages in a Word document and save it first so that doesn't happen, maybe that's helpful advice to you? ;; :D
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    LunarSkye3 anno/i fa#17798396View spoilerHide spoilerim sorry memeyandi i let u down here have two random may-mays
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    kasjdhlksjhfs it's been so long since I replied sorry holy shit orz
    Another update on Stressful Choir Adventures™ lol
    Sooooo auditions for my school's auditioned choir should be coming up and holy crap I'm freaking out lol
    I've been practicing sight singing every goddamn day since sight singing is my kryptonite but I swear to god I'm still gonna trip and die during the audition aaahhh fukc
    Um about the Autumn season, I actually ended up putting everything on hold?? Ahaha...
    Pretty much every single anime on my list is on hold except for my list of Winter anime
    Speaking of, it's that time of the season again...
    Actually there's not much I'm watching this season?? I usually watch like 10-14 shows but I'm only watching 6 this season lol
    So the first one I watched was Youjo Senki, which is about... Um... It's a little hard to explain?? Like okay there's this old spirit or something that's reborn into the body of a little girl, and she's like super strong and decides to join the military in order to try and live an easy life working in the back. And I think there's also something to do with religion?? I'm not sure lol
    Tbh the story is kinda stupid but it's really exciting basically watching a 10-year-old little girl destroy everyone on a battlefield
    Also the animation is pretty good
    Next I watched Kuzu no Honkai, which is a super complicated love story and I've been told it fucks people up. I'll try and explain all of the love relationships here but it'll probably be confusing lol
    i dont remember their names So Girl A is dating Boy A but Girl A likes Teacher A and Boy A likes Teacher B. Teacher A and Teacher B like each other, so Girl A and Boy A are kinda "friends with benefits" where they try to live a relationship with each of their respective teacher crushes through each other
    But then Girl A has a friend who likes her and Boy A also likes a friend who likes him
    So yes pretty confusing
    The art is real nice
    Also it gets lewd sorta often
    Next is Little Witch Academia, which is a pretty simple story about a girl who was inspired by a magic performance she saw when she was little and wanted to become a witch ever since. So she enrolls into a witch school but she gets shunned by most other students because she wasn't born of witch blood and doesn't have a natural affinity to magic like everyone else
    It's basically an expansion of the movies, and it's still just as enjoyable! The story is simple, but it just feels like a Disney movie. Lots of fun, and the animation is gorgeous too
    Then I just watched additional seasons of stuff, namely Ao no Exorcist S2, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu S2, and YowaPeda S3, and I never have much to say about additional seasons, so I guess that's it for this season lol
    I dropped a few anime early, which were Masamune-kun no Revenge, Fuuka, and ACCA
    I'm really interested in ACCA, but I just have no idea what's going on, so I'm probably going to binge it when it's done airing. Tbh one of the only things making me stay is the fact that the music is absolutely amazing. One of my favorite OSTs this season, right next to Rakugo S2
    Other than all of that noise, I've started playing yet anotherrrr idol game and the three idol games are slowly taking over my life
    Not to mention there's this Chinese game called Onmyoji that's scheduled for a Japanese release soon and it looks so good I need to start playing it lol

    Holy shit wait this is like my 4th or 5th seasonal roundup does that mean it's been a year since we started talking to each other woah

    Holy mother of-
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://fs5.directupload.net/images/170226/4hgq38ax.png
    It's been a great year+ !! <33

    Those are great thank you omg
    I'll give you three as an excuse for not having a good one prepared once again (even though I could have sworn I saved a fperfect one not too long ago on my PC but it's gone orz) so one is really old but a fav of mine and another I don't know if I already sent it to you or not and the third one is just there to make up for the other two being potential fuck-ups. You decide which one is which lol

    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://fs5.directupload.net/images/170226/i6ecmnqw.png
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://fs5.directupload.net/images/170226/z9aludpd.jpg
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://fs5.directupload.net/images/170226/agrrhy45.jpg

    Anyway I'm sorry I went straight to the memes lmao but I'm actually super happy to hear from you again! \o/

    I didn't even know what sight singing was until I just looked it up, gosh I'm ignorant lol. It does sound super difficult! I hope the audition was fine in the end? ;;;;; Btw don't tell me about tripping and dying when I'll have my first ballet stage perfomance this weekend HAHA /dies.

    Lmao same here, I'm not watching anything besides the new seasons of YowaPeda and Digimon. Also that may sound weird but I don't know if that'll even change back? I really couldn't care less for anime right now and idk why, I just suddenly started enoying it less and less. Fitting to that I also enjoyed the MFC community less due to some ugly and unnecessary arguments and users I can't stand and this is curretnly influencing itself, kinda like liking anime less -> less figures I'm interested in + mfc community being bad for me rn -> spend less time on mfc -> being less interested in anime because no figures grab my attention to watch their origins and I'm spending less time with japanese media in general. BUT who am i kidding I'm a huge fukin nerd so I shouldn't talk big right now hahaha

    So yeah, sadly I haven't seen any of the stuff you mentioned! And if I'm being completely honest nothing peaks my interest too, definitely not because of your writing style tho, quite the contrary it makes them a thousand times more appealing than their synopsis lol. I was interested in Youjo Senki for a sec but even though I don't watch anime rn there are still some finished ones left that I definitely want to see one day so I really don't feel like watching anything random.

    I'm on vacation from Uni so maybe I'll take a day to spend with the most ridiculous idol- and otome games I can find, I feel like I need that owo. But perhaps I'll need your recommendations ahaha
    3 anno/i fa
    3 anno/i fa
    3 anno/i fa
    LunarSkye3 anno/i fa#17067201Ayyyy Memeyandi can i call you that happy holidays! ^^
    Thanks for the blessings; may both of our holiday seasons be filled with da kyute boiz

    YE S PLEASE DO call me that every time
    Amen sistah. Thank you. ♥
    3 anno/i fa
    Yooo Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ^-^ Let it be filled with lots of tasty plastic boys and esp their dicks
    3 anno/i fa
    LunarSkye3 anno/i fa#16607411Well maybe not an Eve SSR for Christmas anymore since we got the Christmas SSRs already lol
    Omggg a Makino SSR would absolutely kill me. Praying when it's her time I'll have tons of jewels saved up to try for her
    Yeah I keep on meaning to pick up the Kuroshitsuji manga but other stuff just catches my eye and I end up pushing it back even more OTL
    Now I barely read so it'll take quite a while until my to read list is done lol
    Speaking of the DereSute Christmas SSRs, ohhh my god I've been dying for them. I absolutely can't spend any money on them because December is really bad for me but I've been spending all jewels I get
    It doesn't help that I recently cleared my cache so every single card loads and I can't judge new cards with loading screens. Sigh...

    I really wanted the limited Tokiko SR so I did daily rolls every day, but she didn't come home -_- I wasn't expecting her to get an SR already, guess I had better brace myself for her eventual SSR.

    I have to get back into the habit of reading too, I barely even read when I had school, but now I graduated so I guess I have no excuse. Kuroshitsuji is the only manga I keep up with every month.

    But during the christmas limited gacha, the loading screens kept getting me excited and then dashing my hopes. Usually there was no loading because of repeat rares, but once I got a new rare....and a new SR BUT IT WASN'T TOKIKO. Haruna why ;_;
    3 anno/i fa
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