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  • keithgator7 anno/i fa#1759282Yes I did, the DX version was more expensive, in fact my most expensive figure to date, but I didn't want the regular version. It looks like something's missing from the figure without the headphones there, especially after seeing the artwork. I wouldn't settle for anything less, and I'm glad I didn't.
    And yea, glad you think that way. Just do what you like to do, and don't let the people around you dictate what you should or shouldn't do. Life's too short for that :) It's nice to hear that your mom approves of your hobby! My parents don't mind them either, but they do make a bit of noise when I bring home some slightly more risque or over-the-top figures, haha :P

    Haha if i ever get any risque or 18+ figure i'll be too awkward to display them & will hide them
    in my closet or something XD i see u have ordered some GSC exclusive items =p we could combine order to share on shipping cost if it's under 400 sgd
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    Oh ya, at least my mom thinks my nendoroids are cute haha.
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    keithgator7 anno/i fa#1759212Yea her outfit's really nice. I read the review on mikatan's blog (her last post before she left, no less) so yea, I thought it would be a pretty nice figure to have. I am cutting down alot compared to previously though, as I'll have to stop collecting in slightly under a year's time due to studies. The centrepiece of my collection would be the Love is War DX Miku. It's not often that I hunt a figure like that, but the satisfaction when you finally snag the deal and display it in your collection is immensely hard to beat :) So how long have you been collecting then? I started in December 2009, been hooked ever since. Not that I regret any of it!

    Love is war DX Miku has two versions right? did u pay a lot more for the better ver.?
    I started collecting in year 2006 or 07 cant remember to be honest XD but stopped in a few months
    since i was only a kid then and friends were judging mi for wasting money for these figures.

    Only started collecting figures again July this year. After i bought my first nendoroid i realized that i still love and missed collecting figures, so i told myself screw the people who judge and i think it's pretty sad i can't do something i like due to what other ppl thinks.
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    keithgator7 anno/i fa#1759156I would say my preferences vary quite a bit. I usually go more for sculpt rather than character now (it used to be the opposite in the past) but I don't stray too far off from what I know either. My most recent orders are Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai (I've watched this) and Rin Shibuya from Idolmaster (which I have no clue about). Both were chosen due to sculpt. So yea, that's basically a rough idea of how my collection works now. Any "crown jewels" in your collection so far?

    Hmm for me i'm a little bit of both. If it's a character i like, but sculpt isnt good enough i won't buy (eg. vertex noel vermillion & ques q elizabeth)

    Ohoh i've also ordered rin shibuya,i didnt know who she was before(don't follow idolmaster too closely. Her outfit is too gorgeous to miss & great pose! She will probably be my most favourite idol master character. Might also order uzuki & mio if it turns out great.

    "Crown jewels"? gotta be alter's momohime and gwendolyn ^_^ what about urs?
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    keithgator7 anno/i fa#1758837Yup those. They have some pretty decent quality ones for like $30 or so, pretty worth it if you ask me. So what sort of figures are you into these days?

    Mainly tales series, persona, dangan ronpa, bakemonogatari, attack on titan (if they release any nice ones) & any cute looking nendoroids. What about u?
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    keithgator7 anno/i fa#1758637Ah yes I do use mandarake and jungle from time to time, but that was mostly in the past for figure hunting. Latendo, yea they are a bit pricey, but not if you know what to get. Shirts and prize items are mostly fixed at a certain price range, actually cheaper compared to getting those overseas.

    ahh that's good to know, but i'm going to stick to figures. Prize items are those thingy u get
    in Japan's ufo catcher?
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    keithgator7 anno/i fa#1758333Usually from amiami, seldom local, but I do buy from local retailers too. Latendo mostly. What about you?

    hmm mostly amiami for new ones, Mandarake and rakuten for 2nd hand since i've only started recollecting this year and missed out a lot.

    Isnt Latendo a bit pricey? XD
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    Where do you usually buy figures from?
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    Hiii, thanks for the fr. Nice to see someone from Sg =D
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    thanks for the FR. We seem to have similar taste in 2D women.
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