• Just assume I want them lol! Gokudera at least always!!
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    laketica3 anno/i fa#24699507holy crap! did you see, the consolidation fee will be ZERO after Aug 15!!! yes!!!

    Yea I saw that earlier actually! That's awesome. :D
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    RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
    laketica3 anno/i fa#24533594Ahh. I read it last night. Kinda sad there wasn't some smut, but ahhhhh so happy now!!! :)
    Well, in my giveaway list, it wasn't one of the books marked "18+" ;)
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    RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
    laketica3 anno/i fa#24519297Omg!!! You'll never believe it - the lost package showed up in my mailbox today!!! Yay!!! I'm so happy!!! :D I guess it was misdelivered and it took a while for it to get to me... but yay!!!
    Awesome! Good to hear :D
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    RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
    laketica3 anno/i fa#24430908hey question for you, since I know you host GO's and stuff........ do you maintain a feedback page here on MFC? I'm starting to sell things and I'm wondering if I should... but... I can't seem to find a thread on MFC just for feedback, I mean, individual clubs have feedback pages, but those don't seem well organized for the most part... =T
    I don't have a dedicated feedback page, so I can't offer any advice there, sorry ^^; There's a club with a focus on feedback, though - CLUB #581
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    laketica3 anno/i fa#24323847yeah Hibird is adorable, I have a lot of Hibird stuff too <3 but my collection is overwhelmingly Hibari... lol... I have... a lot of... Hibari... XD like. a lot. I SAW THAT PILLOW IN YOUR COLLECTION!!! And I was hella wondering about that LOL!! But yeah, if KHR makes a comeback or has a remake and starts coming out with more goods I AM SO SCREWED. I watched KHR really late in the game cuz well, I only started watching anime maybe 6 years ago...? so KHR was long over by the time I got around to it, so it was difficult for me to find Hibari goodies, I always had to hunt eBay... I mean, I know they release stuff every now and then but still not the same as when it first came out and people were going all crazy over it.
    I agree that it'd be nice if there was more Dino stuff including 1/8 figures! <3 above all, I really want KHR Nendoroids...
    I think I'm mixing my PM response with my comment response lol... I'll reply the rest in PM later. XD

    To me the quality of products has gotten better over the years. I like the chipicco items, and some of the anime style art looks a lot better now. I still prefer art that looks more like the manga, though. I think that's why I like these new scales.
    If they made a Dino scale, my heart might actually stop. It would be bad for my health.
    I'm not sure if they would make nendos but it would be cute. I guess they made the Naruto ones so maybe they can make other Jump series?
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    RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
    laketica3 anno/i fa#24325467switching from PM cuz omg inbox limit XD but yea, I somehow feel like maybe USPS just messed up the package and didn't wanna get in trouble, so they "delivered" it -_- I've never had anything stolen before and my neighborhood is pretty nice... I've had gigantic packages sitting on my doorstep before, some with 1/8 figures in em, and nothing's ever happened... I just don't see why they'd choose a small media mail package that obviously was a single book, lol, so I get the feeling USPS is just covering their asses. -_- oh well! I still wanna read it so I'm gonna go to BookOff this weekend to see if I can find it XD ahahaha!! NOW I MUST HAVE IT. *twitches*
    Good luck! Speaking of which, you're so lucky to live near a Book-Off. There's none in/near SF @_@ I used to go to the NYC one back when I lived in that area; picked up a lot of good stuff there!
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    laketica3 anno/i fa#24277240LOL wait, you mean you buy for the Hibird, not Hibari?! XD I do love Hibird as well,
    but only because Hibird is related to Hibari <3 I'm unreasonable like that. XD And of course I like Dino as well, since they're my OTP. Kufufu. But yeah, Dino is awesome. ^^

    Oh I like Hibari too! But I adore Hibird, I like animals and animal characters like that. Hibird is so pure. I understand what you mean though.
    Well...I wish Dino would get as much items as Hibari. I would be poor but happy LOL. I might not get a Hibari item because there's no Dino; it doesn't feel right! Or maybe I'm protesting for more Dino, lol. He always was high on the polls so I don't think he's unpopular.
    I like and have ITEM #395028 and ITEM #483705, I wish they would make Dino like that. And they need to use sensei Dino more...just sayin.
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    laketica3 anno/i fa#24255420Omg! You have so many Hibari's! :D that's awesome. I saw that there's a referral bonus on FJ, so if you would like... if you can give me your referral code, you can earn 500 points it seems, by referring me? I will be looking into FJ versus Blackship, depending on fees... but if FJ is reasonable, i think they will be the easier route for me. Thanks again for the info!
    There's no such thing as too much Hibari, Hibird is my favorite character so I have a lot especially because of that. Dino's my second favorite though.
    And sure, I can do that when I get home from work, thanks. :D
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    laketica3 anno/i fa#23057727hiii! I saw that you confirmed for Dino + Hibari and Bel and Fran on club/618/discus... this box split... I wasn't sure if you did it just to complete the box... or... what... but... omg... I really... I really want Dino and Hibari... so... I just wanted to reach out... just incase, by any chance... you were just doing it to complete the box... but if not, then that's okay, I just wanted to ask... =) have a lovely day!

    Ah sorry I really like Hibari so I wanted both straps. Sorry ^^
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