• Thank you! :)life-omg7 anno/i fa#1417513welcome to the board and enjoy your stay :D
    nice nendoroid collection you have XD
    7 anno/i fa
    life-omg7 anno/i fa#1417514welcome to the board and enjoy your stay :D
    nice nendoroid collection you have XD

    Thank you ^^
    7 anno/i fa
    life-omg7 anno/i fa#1412828hello :D
    sorry late reply, i'm just back from vacation ^^
    yes i'm understand japanese ^^
    eh really..?
    yes japanese kanji a little difficult to learn but i'm sure you can do it and i hope soon your mother allow you to study japanese :)
    hhhmm friend you mean..?
    i don't really know they are a good friend in real life or nope, but when i visited kagamine event last year, yes i saw they talk each other but can't be sure if they are friend or just usual talk ^^
    *laugh* yes it's true
    any len for me it's fine as long as he together with rin
    yes luka and miku like rin's onee-chan to me *they look funny*
    and yes, her design really nice
    oh oh i don't understand the languages but it really cool he can get both of the nendoroid so fast
    wah you have many couples ship, i don't usually ship them as couple but only len and rin got my attention so far
    the others i'm fine they coupled with other members *as long as the combination look good *

    where did you go ? ' 3 ' ? japan?

    thank you :) as soon as i can speak english fluently , my mother will let me learn japanese , i wish japanese used alphabet , that would be much easier for me to learn

    you could visit kagamine event ' 3 ' i am so jealous , i want to see Suzunosuke and Suzumi talking too ... anyway it would be nice if they were friends ' 3 ' i love to see my favourite artists work with each other

    really ? me too =)) i don't want Len to be with any girls but Rin-chan :-"

    they look like both Rin's onee-chan and Rin's fans =)) a member in my forum watched Rin-chan nau and thought it was about Rin FC =))

    yup ~! and his price is not as high as the other shops so he is always my best choice :)

    me too , i alway search for Rin and Len first in any website that related to vocaloid ' 3 '

    ... you are so nice and calm :)
    7 anno/i fa
    life-omg7 anno/i fa#1401607i read from suzumi's-san twitter ^^
    yes my brother and friend think the same way too ^^
    he is too cute as a boy * but his append design really cool :D *
    oh from rin-chan nau module right...? yes i like tamura-san design too *rin look pretty and mature there*
    tamura-san also made design for luka and miku, right? both of their style really similar with rin ^^
    ah i see..
    uumm hope you don't mind if i ask this, how can you get both of them?
    gsc said it release on june right?
    sure, no problem
    1. personaly i ship len and rin cause from beginning i like their concept, their voice *it almost like duo team ^^*
    2. uuummm so far i think i don't have...i like all of them but mostly i focus with kagamine len & rin, hatsune miku and gumi songs ^^
    and how about you...?

    you know japanese ~! ? cool ~! i want to learn it but it's too hard to learn and my mother doesn't let me :p

    btw ... Suzunosuke and Suzumi are friend ???

    sometime , shouta Len is ok to me as long as he is not girly =))

    although Tamura's Rin future style is cool ~! i don't think Luka and miku fit that style :p they look quite funny in those outfits

    i bought RinLen append nendoroid from him =>vnsharing.net/f... , i still can't understand why he could get them so fast =))

    ... anyway , i love Len x Rin :"> I like RintoxLenka , Gumo x Gumi , Gakupo x Luka , Kaito x Meiko , Mikuo x Miku , Kaiko x Meito , Gakuko x Luki , Piko x Miki , .... and many many more couples ~!

    i don't hate any vocaloid either , the matter is how much do i like them =)) but i do hate some 3 couples : Kaito x Luka , Len x Miku an Len x Neru =(( sorry if you are these couples fan ~!
    7 anno/i fa
    life-omg7 anno/i fa#1399535yes all work from suzumi really nice too
    *anyway please don't call as ryou, i remember this author doesn't like fans call her as ryou but suzumi ^^
    me too, my brother said len as girl and he though len and rin are twins girl XD
    yes originally i like their append design ^^
    if gsc make scale figure, nendo or figma..I will be happy ~
    yes they will come soon in few months, i'm really excited and can't wait play with append nendos
    i hope gsc soon want make another ver of kagamine again
    *laugh* yes i like that song too, it's too cute for both of them
    i'm also like unhappy refain ver kagamine len and rin
    the pv cute plus the song really good too ^^

    oh ~! i didn't know that =)) how did you know ? =))

    =)) ha ha =)) may be because Len is shouta so people often think he is she when they first see him =)) ... any way , most Len fangirls'd like him to be a girly shouta :p but i object that ~! i prefer cool and manly Len \m/ what about you

    if GS want to make a new Rin figure , i would like them to make Rin Future Style figure \m/
    so pretty :"> i love her

    ... anyway , i want to take photos of RinLen append nendoroids so so bad ~! but i don't have camera =((

    hope GS will too , although it may take along time =((

    anyway , can i ask you some questions ?

    1/ which vocaloid couples do you ship ?

    2/do you hate any vocaloid ?
    7 anno/i fa
    life-omg7 anno/i fa#1396454yes me too not only suzunosuke but also i'm glad with yama and hitoshizuku-san too *both of them really amazing team make kagamine duo song ^^*
    true, that's why awww poor len....
    yes i like their design in synchronicity series too *if there any nendo or scale figure, i will hunt it XD *
    now i can't wait my nendo kagamine append come...*still 3 months left =v=!*
    ah i know them * mirrored from twins design right? *
    i don't mind with them, they look good ^^
    ah anyway i noticed your icon come from electric angel song right?
    that song cute XD

    yup they are all great artists i also like Ryou (pixiv2476570's art =)) so lovely

    when i showed Len to my friends , they thought he was a girl , but now they are Len's fan =))

    same thought =)) i would do the exact thing if maxfactory makes figumas of append RinLen

    man ~! i love Rin&Len's append designs :">

    anyway ~! just keep waiting , RinLen append nendoroids are worth waiting for :"> they won't let you down ~! when i got them , i regreted nothing =))

    yup ~! my avatar is from electric angel song ~! that song is so great and adroble , the mix, the beat and RinLen's voice are amazing , Rin&Len's cover is way better than Miku's although she sounds nice too :">

    but what makes i love that song is Rin's super cute pictures
    7 anno/i fa
    life-omg7 anno/i fa#1394864yes i know that project diva module
    both of them look really cute *i like rin's yukata with cats printed :D *
    it make her so cute
    and i wish this design too * both of them look simple but really beautiful ^^
    awww snow kagamine will be nice
    hhmm sakura kagamine..? rin will be match but len..? awww poor him ^^
    beside both of those designs i want kagamine from synchronicity series
    it will be nice :3

    yes , in Project Diva F , Yukata Rin is the cutest of all :">

    i like those yukata models too , Rin and Len look so cute , i love Suzunosuke's art :"> ( so happy because Suzu is Kagamine fan )

    ...actually i think sakura Len will be match too =)) although he may look a little girly =)

    synchronicity is such a wonderful song , i also love Rin&Len's outfits there , if GS make nendoroids of them , that day will be the happiest day of my life

    ... anyway do you like Rinto and Lenka ' 3 '
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://img10.imageshack.us/img10/6218/vocaloidfull855680.jpg
    7 anno/i fa
    life-omg7 anno/i fa#1393991yup i like the other vocaloid members too but still my favorite kagamine :D
    ah yah most of vocaloid really amazing
    yup, really wish gsc want make nendoroid snow kagamine or yukata kagamine *it will be fun* / but still i'm glad gsc will release kagamine append soon :D

    AGREE !!! , Yukata Rin is so so MOE ~! :"> she is even cuter than yukata Miku ~! i really really hope that GS will make nendoroid of her and Yukata Len :"> petit is ok , as long as it's yukata Rin :">
    moe moe kyun ~!

    ... i also wish that there will be nendoroid sakura RinLen and Yuki RinLen too :"> they will make such wonderful nendoroids :"> Sakura Twins anf Snow Twins are cute :">

    ps : yup ~! Kagamine Twins rule \m/
    7 anno/i fa
    life-omg7 anno/i fa#1394265Welcome to the board
    Enjoy your stay~

    thanks for the comment ^^
    7 anno/i fa
    life-omg7 anno/i fa#1392097i saw your collection
    it look do you really kagamine too ^^ *me too i'm also kagamine fans specially rin-chan *

    glad to hear that ^ v ^ like you , i Kagamine so much , I also like Luka , Gumi , Miku , KaiMei ,... but Rin and Len are still the best ( exspecially Rinny ) :"> honestly , i think they are the best vocaloid ever :"> hopely , GS will make more products of them \m/ Miku allready has too many :-"
    7 anno/i fa
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